The French aromatic industry 22 June 2016

Grasse, the city behind of Cannes, perched on the mountain and that we can see by far thanks to its perfumeries, since the Renaissance. The first distilleries there have emerged at the time of Catherine de Medicis. Of primary importance in the world of perfume, Grasse provides to the great perfumers the finest luxury floral essences, the result of an exceptional climate and the expertise of its employees acquired from generation to generation.

Over the centuries Grasse has evolved with the times and has knew adapt to the contingencies and the trends, enabling it to anticipate the future and to hold its place in the world of the XXI century.

Over the years, the Grasse industry had to reduce and even eliminate some of its flower crops because of the invasion of the factories. However, if we go out of the city center we will see emerge Violet’s fields, crops of Jasmine or of Rose.

Without these local products that have resisted thanks to their exceptional quality, luxury perfume industry would not be what it is and some very prestigious perfumes could not be born.

In addition to handling local production, Grasse imports and treats some plant material, such as Iris roots of Tuscany, the roots of Vetiver of Java or the Oak Moss of Central Europe. Their main raw material suppliers are Italy, the United States, China and Indonesia.

Today, the French industry of the aromatic is open to the world and focused on the future. In addition to the traditional perfumery, the luxury perfumery, the beauty and toiletry (as soaps and cleaning products for the house) we see appear a new aromatic sector for the food and pharmaceutical industries. With a range of customers spread throughout the globe, the United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom remain the most important markets.

The aromatic industry count currently in France sixty businesses and manages around 6,500 jobs, including 3,500 in the Grasse region.

Hayari make its fragrances, elixirs of its perfumes in Grasse, from the expertise of artisans. The “Rose de Mai”, is an ancestral tradition of the region and the basis of our trilogy in homage to the rose, “Rose Chic“, “Amour Elegant” and “FeHom“.

Hayari perfumes - Rose Collection