fehom-rubEssence created for the witty, ambitious and cosmopolitan.


Gourmand, sensual and celestial envelops this sweet and provocative aroma. The fragrance offers powdery and soothing floral notes with an amplified oriental and light wood touch. Rare rose absolute in the heart notes with a touch of freesia and sandalwood. This unisex perfume is heavenly delightful, having fresh cardamom mixed with a nudge of spice and benzoin. FEHOM will unleash the daring side in you.

Perfect for the bold, strong spirited and prepared individual ready to build their life’s masterpiece. This fine and delicate rose perfume makes reference to the new contemporary royalties known for their good luck and impressive ways of having opportunities almost fall in their laps. This world traveler is famous for their savvy skills, luminous elegance and impressive aura.  HAYARI’s luxurious stance, mark a reassuring scent and draws to the expensive taste of modern day living.

When rose absolute from Grasse is fused with gold bright amber, magic happens. The amber notes allure to the power in clear thinking as well as the realization of ambitious projects. Amber represents confidence and embracement to everyday life changes. Healing, shielding and protection are also reputed to the nature of this precious stone. A soft powdery and strong wood scent embodies at the same time the duality of a ying-yang. The duality in FE-HOM makes reference in French to women and men as well as the adaptation of changing tastes.