HAYARI Couture Paris – Fashion Shows


HAYARI Couture Paris fashion shows are sensational international affairs organised from Paris to Moscow with fashion at the center of a spectacular and original stage.

These major events that concur with other major shows in the clothing and bridal fashion industry allow the public to have a sneak peek at HAYARI Couture Paris’ most recent productions

Year after year our collections are acclaimed by fashion experts and granted raving reviews by the most knowledgeable customers.

Nabil HAYARI’s reputation and skills are renown worldwide and this proclaimed new French chic Ambassador is a force to be reckoned with thanks to his modern take on traditional styles. HAYARI Couture’s entertaining colourful and vibrant shows have garnered enthusiasts all around the world.

Its catwalk show attendees never cease to be amazed at the way Nabil HAYARI plays with layers and drapes of high-quality fabrics, at the flowing delicate materials and embroideries that set HAYARI Couture Paris gowns creations apart.

Adding openwork lace, cascades of feathers, silk taffetas and touches of fur to these timeless gowns have made them even more imperial.

Lined along the runway, spectators marvel at how the designer plays on layers and drapes, the high-quality, flowing fabrics, diaphanous materials and embroidered jewels which characterize Hayari Couture Paris gowns.

Fashion lovers will no doubt be enthralled by the openwork lace, cascades of feathers, silk taffetas and touches of fur that adorn these elegant gowns fit for a princess !

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