Discover the French brand created in 2009, Hayari Paris, which currently creates breathtaking couture wedding dresses and evening dresses one more unique than the other. Every time, Hayari innovates a new design & ideally glamorous dresses, with luxury materials adorned with unique cuts & delicate sequined French embroidery… But who is at the origin of the Parisian brand? Behind the French luxury brand are two brains & complementary personalities.

On the one hand, couture designer Nabil Hayari, on whose name the brand stands today, and who like a painter from its palette, shapes and transforms in a unique way, silk fabrics or brocades, to make exceptional dresses every time that surpasses the expectation of the wearer.

Nabil Hayari wants the woman he dresses to become even more glamorous. Generous and demanding in the details, always looking for bold cuts the designer puts all his talent at the service of women to make her feel the most special on her day.

On the other hand, the co-founder of Hayari Paris, Hugues Alard, takes over the initiative of expanding the brand & works on the creation and launches of perfumes and leather goods. The house has created fifteen fragrances, divided into five collections, with the ambition to sublimate men and women by the scent of an invisible beauty that corresponds to their personalities. The notes imagined by the two creators are an excuse to travel, and like a madeleine of Proust, to evoke memories, and create emotions associated with unique places and times.

From a very young age, Nabil Hayari had a natural inclination toward fashion. It is alongside his grandmother that he has discovered sewing and embroidery and developed it as a passion. This passion led him to join the prestigious school, Sup de Mode, where he got his major recognitions & his talents will be noticed by the Chambre Syndical of Parisian Haute Couture. Discover the man behind the brand & story of his passion. Read it here.

Nabil presented his first collection and went on to become artistic director of a fashion house in the Golden Triangle in Paris for 5 years, before creating his own brand.

In 2010, Nabil presented his first collections during Moscow Fashion Week. In 2011, he went on to receive his first official award for his dress ‘black bride’ presented during a fashion show at the Carrousel from the Louvre to Paris Fashion Week. Also in 2011, he participated in the creation of “Signé Couture Paris”, 1st French label of couture sur-measurement.

Nabil Hayari is currently the official fashion designer Hollywood Beauty Awards in Los Angeles with the legendary Bob Mackie, designer of the dresses iconic Marilyn Monroe and Cher.

Nabil Hayari has rapidly made an international reputation and dresses the biggest stars on the planet as well as some of the most beautiful princesses and artists of the moment. We can see his creations on Liliana Matheus Nova and Jessica Minh Ha, Kimmarie Johnson, Sami Gayle, Sandra Vidal, Clare Bowen and Chaley Rose, top fitness model Nikki Leigh, the supermodel Alisa Krylova, artist Karen Bystedt, and many others.

Since 2016, Nabil has participated regularly in the Middle East Fashion Week in Dubai. We regularly see his creations on the red carpets of major events such as Oscar nights, Golden Globes, Cannes Film Festival, or Gala AMFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research).

The opening of the 1st Hayari Paris store in the famous district from St Germain des Prés to Paris in 2014 is a highlight of the development of the accessories of the brand.

Hugues Alard first had training in chemical engineering, and he now puts all into perfume creations for the house & choosing the best natural & quality ingredients. Hugues went on to work in the luxury hospitality industry, which showed him the way to create & understand the know-how of French luxury.

Hugues strives to work towards customer satisfaction by giving them the experience of French luxury and the transmission of brand value by mixing traditional know-how, with unique products, and continuous innovations in a world where habits are constantly changing.

From his creative workshop and style office located at 3 avenue Matignon in Paris 8th, very close to the Champs-Elysées, in the Golden Triangle district, Nabil Hayari guides and advises women from all corners of the world & integer at each step of the process of creating their dresses.

Apart from a prominent presence in France, Hayari Paris is also present in New York within the Salon Mariage at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue.

Hayari Paris launched its first perfume collection of 3 feminine perfumes with floral facets which were quickly completed by a men’s collection with more woody notes or leather. Hayari Paris aims to use the maximum amount of high-quality natural ingredients & scents in its perfumes be it bergamot from Italy or jasmine from Egypt. This is how the idea of using one of the best roses around the world, Rose De Mai, or Rose Centifolia, came to fruition.

This rare rose grows in Grasse only on two plots, the reason why Hayari chose it for the “MODERN ROSE COLLECTION”, an exclusive collection consisting of three parts: one fresh pink, a spicy rose, and lastly amber.

The will of the two creators is also to create perfumes that can be worn by women as well as by men. In this new vision of mixed perfumes, the duo has recently worked with citrus fruits like the orange of Brazil, and aromatic herbs such as tarragon fruits like fig mixed with sweet almonds in a collection called Source Joyeuse.

The latest launch of three Eaux de parfums under the name of Collection Origine brings together fragrances more animal or woody with ingredients such as oud, civet, or cedar essential oils from the Atlas.

The 15 fragrances are available in 5 continents, including Dubai, Moscow, Hanoi and Vietnam, New York, and very soon in Qatar and Melbourne in Australia, along with the official website of the brand hayariparis.com or Instagram @hayariparis

The meeting of two complementary people & combining their ideas & passion resulted in the birth of a brand that shines today on four corners of the world with the ambition of always amaze with its couture & perfume creations, inspired by the travels, shows, or chance of the destiny.

Lately, the duo is working on a new Parisian fashion show and two new fragrances, always with the same desire for perfection in order to magnify your beauty.

Hayari Paris
Hayari Paris