Be Unique with one piece of kind Hayari dresses


HAYARI Couture Paris evening gowns are powerful pieces that illuminate the world’s most distinguished events.


Nabil HAYARI’s ingenious creativity allows him to play with shapes using different materials and color combinations resulting in original and bold creations that are of universal elegance and a constant object of praise.


The designer’s dresses symbolise his passion for women and his earnest desire to create exclusive gowns complimenting all body types while remaining ultra-feminine and in vogue.


With its private collection and its custom-made creations, HAYARI Couture Paris is by each woman’s side at the most special moments in their life by dressing them in their dream gowns. Adorned with real crystals, made from silk taffetas or embroidered with fine lace, HAYARI’s gowns are delicate odes to femininity and elegance.


HAYARI Couture’s ethereal designs have been worn at high profile events such as awards ceremonies and film festivals by actresses, princesses and top models. These international events provide HAYARI Couture Paris with perfect opportunities to showcase originality, craftsmanship and attention to detail for which “Made in France” luxury products are internationally renown.