Rose de Mai, the luxury perfumers star! 6 June 2016

Hayari Parfums brings the luxury and the finesse of the Rose de Mai cultivated in Grasse in his line of perfumes dedicated to the Rose!

The Rose Centifolia, the rose of hundred petals, is picked every morning of May in Grasse, which give it’s the popular name, Rose de Mai. From the first rays of the sun and before it is too hot, it’s when this queen of flowers exhales its best perfume.

La Rose de Mai is known for its delicacy and its sweetness. Artificial reproduction of its fragrance is impossible. During long time, this flower was left out because of its high price, due to its rarity, thanks to the luxury perfumers she became the star of the moment.

Once the rose picked they must act quickly, because this rose offers its best scent for a short period of time. The steps to produce the absolute essence, the most pure concentration of the essence of a rose, used by perfumers to produce the best juices, are the same for 50 years at Robertet.

All its unique characteristics and the local craft have inspired Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard to create a triptych of mixed fragrances under the theme of Rose!


The three fragrances represent three facets of the rose that they wanted full of symbolism.

Under the name “Rose CHIC” one finds pure rose absolute and hints of equally sought after ingredients that help in highlighting the most secret aspect of the rose.

Secondly, they wanted to express the different facets of love, especially dangerous and spicy love between people who inspired them for the olfactory pyramid of this creation. This is why they created a spicier rose and gave the name “Amour ELEGANT” to this fragrance.

The last aspect that they wanted to present is that of an amber colored rose, a flaming multifaceted rose, expressed through a blend of ingredients and the corresponding fragrance name, also the result of a mix of words: “FeHOM” a perfume that can be worn by both Men and Women (Femme and Homme in French).

It’s through the work of Sidonie Lancesseur, nose at Robertet, that they were able to bring all these different notes into harmony.

This triptych came to complete the Hayari perfumes collection who already consists of 6 fragrances, “Only for Her“, “Broderie“, “Goldy“, “Only for Him“, “Le Paradis de l’Homme” and “New Oud“.