Le-Paradis-de-lHomme-perfumeAn olfactory dream

To compose the perfect seductive diptych, Le Paradis de l’Homme’ sensual and so Couture leather scents respond to ONLY FOR HIM’s woody exhalations while redefining men’s luxury with a chypre distinguished spirit and hints of luxuriant nature. True happiness in a bottle!

Nabil Hayari developed Le Paradis de l’Homme in collaboration with Dorothé Piot, blending leather, musk and sandalwood to compose contemporary, masculine, yet tender notes while cedar wood and vetiver scents evoke the luxuriant gardens of Eden –or Nabil Hayari’s beloved Atlas mountains- and drape themselves in oak moss and patchouli for more chic and chypre.

Note after note, touch after touch, Le Paradis de l’Homme embodies contemporary men, their strength, their love and sensuality… and offers them a supreme sense of well-being, of harmony and serendipity.

Le Paradis de l’Homme, the fragrance of your dreams.

Eau de Parfum (15%)  100 ml/3.4oz