Unique Wedding Dresses 


During one of the most significant days in their life, every bride should be and feel as beautiful as ever; this is where HAYARI Couture Paris bridal gowns comes into play. Our contemporary bridal gowns are a trendy and appealing blend of classic elegance that allows for each bride to express her identity.

HAYARI Couture Paris’ private or fully custom-made collections are a heartfelt testament to women’s delicate beauty.

Nabil HAYARI’s sumptuous wedding gowns are not simply inspired by and made for women; they are a testament to his unique savoir-faire and high standards.

The wedding dresses are perfectly tailored with attention to detail and a high quality finish that compliment their unique design. A lot of thought goes into the selection of materials and fabrics such as silk organza, chiffon drapes, crystal beads, lace and embroidery which also contribute to the singularity of each gown, instilling them with Luxury, modernity and character. The Atelier is parisian.

However you imagined your dream wedding dress, whether it be resolutely chic or deliciously extravagant, HAYARI Couture pledges to guide you through each step of the creation process from the initial draft design to its materialising into an exceptional creation for your memorable special day.


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