Inspirations Behind Leather Bags by Hayari Paris

All Hayari Paris bag designs are exclusive limited-edition models.

They are presented in 7 distinct styles and colors, and put a point of honor on the creativity and originality of the French designer Nabil Hayari, alongside Hugues Alard.

In this new collection launched in April 2022, the choice of leathers and colors is carried out in a meticulous way.

Hayari products come from French and Italian craftsmanship, all collections are designed in France and made by master hands in France or Italy, the land of traditional leatherwork.

Through its creations, Hayari Paris finds its inspiration in the world of the Parisian elegant and chic Quartier Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

“Parisian elegance for all tastes”


Diderot Collection

The Diderot collection is dedicated to the legendary French philosopher Denis Diderot & his revolutionary works that were a breakthrough in the field of philosophy.

The sturdy top handle structure, with removable crossbody strap this new collection is meant to be functional & stylish whenever you need it.


Princesse Collection

The Princesse handbag is a Parisian chic at its finest. Small & easy to carry with its sturdy top handle or use it with ease with the detachable strap. The modern & structured design will be the go-to bag you need.



The Spring-Summer 2022 St-André collection is inspired by the Cour du Commerce de St-André a cobblestoned pedestrian passageway, tucked in the heart of Saint-Germain-Des-Prés,  where history has stopped.

The sturdy & firm Saint-André leather bag is relaxed and chic, and a new essential city accessory of every wardrobe.





Pantheon Collection

The Pantheon collection is the latest creation of the Hayari house which pays homage to the Pantheon, considered as the place of affirmation and diffusion of the values ​​of the French Republic.

The Pantheon handbag, the flagship product of our collection, will be the ideal accessory for everyday outings as well as during your evenings


Beaux-Arts Collection

The Beaux-Arts collection was created with an emphasis on art and originality.

His name thus refers to the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, plunging us into the artistic milieu in the heart of Saint-Germain des Pres.

The Beaux-Arts handbag will distinguish itself from other models by its original and elegant oval shape


Luxembourg Collection

The Luxembourg collection has been named after the magnificent garden of Luxembourg, an emblematic place, a veritable rendezvous for Parisians.

This practical and elegant model is ideal for adding a touch of glamor to any outfit.


Bonaparte Collection

Inspired by rue Bonaparte, located in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés,

This very practical day model will be ideal for storing everything.