Niche perfumes 4 May 2020

Any perfume enthusiast will agree that perfume is characteristic to the person wearing it. It accompanies her all day long, precedes her and when she leaves, leaves behind a scent that is her own. This perfume signals our passage without having been noticed. This is why choosing the right perfume is essential. If you want to stand out from the crowd and feel unique, choose niche fragrances. But what is a niche perfume? This article is intended for you so that you don’t get lost in the vast world of perfumery.

What is a niche fragrance?

The notion of “niche” refers to the size of a market. As opposed to a mass market, a niche market is intended for a more restricted clientele.

These are bold, exclusive, confidential and unconventional fragrances that are not intended to please everyone. This initiative will lead independent perfumers to seek to distinguish themselves from mass market perfumery.

Who’s behind the composition?

Independent perfumers compose these niche fragrances, not for big brands, but in artisanal houses. This small-scale production is intended for a particular audience.

The Perfumer-Creator creates a fragrance whose composition is based on a mixture of raw materials with a more generous and expensive concentration. Thus are born perfumes with character, very segmented, an effluvium that you may or may not like. As yet unknown scents are emerging: woody, Damascus rose, amber… a bunch of olfactory notes locked in designer bottles that the initiated will tear themselves away from.

Whose niche market is this?

As I said before, unlike so-called mass-market fragrances, niche fragrances are more aimed at lovers of great perfumes, with a very closed and selective clientele. Those who buy without thinking about the expenses, because indeed, niche perfumes being concocted with quality raw materials, their price is exorbitant compared to classic perfumes. Moreover, the bottles are only produced in limited quantities and sold in independent perfumeries.

As the market is juicy, even the big brands have started to take an interest. On the other hand, they are not displayed in the usual classic perfume outlets.

However, one can find oneself with anything and everything wanting too much to plunge into this phenomenon of niche perfumes. Just because the bottles are composed of raw materials with exotic names and expensive prices doesn’t mean they are niche. There can be good and bad things. So be careful not to buy everything just because it’s a niche perfume. Remember that being perfumes born in artisanal homes, produced on a small scale, your chance of finding them in large stores is minimal. Targeting a limited public, you will find them more in high-end specialized places, marketing being limited to only a few shops.