Melanie Mar in Hayari for Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party at Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, and more videos of Nabil Hayari and Kimmarie Johnson during Oscar’s week 18 March 2013

Melanie Mar in Hayari for Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party  in Hollywood, and more videos of Nabil Hayari and Kimmarie Johnson during Oscar’s week

During this last season of Academy Awards, each celebrity was more beautiful and glamorous than the other on the red carpet. Nabil Hayari has been the talk of the town as he has designed a Hollywood Collection entirely dedicated to this magical season and to the beauty, elegance and sophistication of women. A colletion of unique somptuous gowns which have never been seen before!!

Celebrities as models, and as a catwalk? Red velvet only!…

Night of 100 Stars | Kimmarie Johnson – Actress, Model, Entrepreneur | Oscars Weekend 2013.

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Kimmarie Jonhson: “[…] I am currently working on a movie, called”origin”, which is set in Pittsburg. I will be playing a scientist[…] and I am also the owner of SkinGlow by Kimmarie, a cosmetic line.

Joanna:[…] I had to stop you, I pushed people out the way to get to her!! I had to find out…where did you get your dress? Tell me about it!

My dress is HAYARI COUTURE, from France…

We just interviewed him the other day […] he is amazing!!

He is amazing!! So amazing… He has so many beautiful gowns for each type of women… He really caters to the sexyness, class and sophistication of women, you know…. It’s beautiful, it’s great!!

[…] I chose this dress from his collection, he chose a few pieces for me to look at […] and of course he tailores it to each person….

It’s amazing!! Love it!!”


Academy Awards Couture Dress Fitting Event with Haute Couture Designer Nabil Hayari from Paris France.

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Nina Piacci:”Mr. Hayari is here in Hollywood and he’s already been the talk of the town because he’s been placing dresses on the red carpet… It’s going to be very exciting because none of these dresses have been seen before in Hollywood!! […] We standing actually next to one of his beautiful dresses from the Hollywood Collection

Nabil Hayari:[…] Yes, and of course, when I think ” Hollywood Collection”, for me it’s all about glamour, femininity, creation … I created this collection exclusively for red-carpet events!!

This an extraordinary work of art that we’re standing next to right here, and when a magical person puts it on…the dress together with the person on the red-carpet… with the camera bulbs flashing…. it’s trully what Academy Award’s about!!!

[…]One of the things Nabil also does is making the most beautiful wedding dresses in Paris. And there probably isn’t a wonderful wedding in Paris that one of his dress hasn’t been part of, he’s very well known for that!!

[…] so girls, if you have a dream wedding in mind really, what happens is that Nabil draws a picture and create exactly what you have in mind, it is trully the couture wedding dress of your dreams!!

Merci Beaucoup…”


Fashion Show with Alisa Krilova :

Alisa Krylova in a dress by HAYARI COUTURE PARIS. Alisa Krylova Mrs.Globe. Moscow fashion day 30.11.12 camera & edition: Sergey Khodakovskiy (

Алиса Крылова/Alisa Krylova Mrs.Globe in a dress by HAYARI COUTURE