Nabil Hayari, the rising star of Haute Couture : Hayari Paris


Nabil Hayari was drawn to the world of fashion from a very early age, since he design dresses for his mother. Born in 1973 from a mist French Algerian Libanese family, very quickly, his path led him to the one of France’s prestigious fashion schools where he finished at the top of his class and where his talents caught the eve of the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne. Exceptionally talented, Nabil soon became creative director at a fashion house in the famous Parisian “Golden Triangle” district where he remained for 5 years.

Young and ambitious, Nabil decided to create his own brand in 2009 in order to design dresses that women have always dreamed of having. From there, the eponymous Hayari Paris was born, a living witness of Parisian luxury and savior-faire in couture.

A woman’s natural beauty is perfectly enhanced by a Nabil Hayari gown. Wearing a creation from the couturier’s private collection or one of his made-to-measure designs, a woman can be confident of success at even the most sumptuous events. In a genuine tribute to grace and feminine beauty, all of Nabil Hayari’s unique creations are born of the very essence of women’s dreams, for a wedding or an evening, combining luxury and elegance. Nabil has been providing guidance and suggestions to women at every single step of the design process, in his showroom at 3 Avenue Matignon Paris, where all his dresses are custom made in the purest French tradition.

Still in 2009, he presented his first collections during the fashion week of Paris, New-York, Moscow followed by Los Angeles, and Middle East.

In 2011, his black wedding dress is his first price during a fashion show in Carrousel du Louvre during Paris Fashion Week.

Nabil Hayari curently participate to famous red carpets as  Academy Awards in Los Angles, Golden Globes, Festival de Cannes, AMFAR.

Very quickly, he becomes a worldwide fashion stylist and dress stars and celebrities as actresses Kimmarie Johnson, Sami Gayle, Sandra Vidal, Clare Bowen, Chaley Rose, top fitness model Nikki Leigh and many others.

In 2010, Nabil Hayari was one of the founders of the label « Signé Couture Paris », first french label in Made to measure in Couture.

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian with Nabil Hayari
Yolonda Frederick with Nabil Hayari
Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson with Evan Ross and Nabil Hayari
Nicole Scherzinger with Nabil Hayari
Larry M. Cherry with Nabil Hayari
Marie Osmond with Nabil Hayari
Carmen Electra with Nabil Hayari
Dionne Warwick with Nabil Hayari
Paris Hilton with Hugues Alard
Ali Fazal
Smokey Robinson with Ali Fazal and Nabil Hayari
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Viola Davis with Nabil Hayari
Whoopi Goldberg with Nabil Hayari
French Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard with Nabil Hayari
Britney Spears
Britney Spears and Nabil Hayari
Nabil Hayari - Hayari Paris - Fawaz Gruosi De Grisigono
Fawaz Gruosi De Grisogono with Nabil Hayari
Hayari Paris Couture
Bob Mackie with Nabil Hayari
Christian Louboutin with Nabil Hayari
Nabil Hayari
Octavia Spencer with Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard
Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez with Nabil Hayari
Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe with Nabil Hayari
Linda Gray with Nabil Hayari at the HBA
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Kym Whitley with Nabil Hayari
Fifi Abdou with Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard
Danai Gurira with Nabil Hayari
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Melanie Griffith with Nabil Hayari
Hayari Paris - Couture
Andra Day with Nabil Hayari
Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum with Nabil Hayari
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Jon Voight with Nabil Hayari
Chantal Thomass
Chantal Thomass with Nabil Hayari
Johnny Depp with Hugues Alard