Exclusive pre-launch US bash at the Trump World Tower for HAYARI Paris’ mens fragrances 16 June 2014

Nabil Hayari Paris: Exclusive Pre-Launch of his Men’s Fragrances

StyleMusic TV interview of Nabil Hayari, May 30th 2014


StyleMTV: We are here with Nabil Hayari…. so tell us about the new HAYARI Parfums Paris men’s fragrances

Nabil Hayari: Well our men’s fragrances are very new… We are very proud and pleased to throw this exclusive pre-launch bash to introduce ONLY FOR HIM and Le Paradis de l’Homme.

StyleMTV: Tell us about the notes involved in your fragrances

Nabil Hayari: The notes are very masculine and “raffiné”, sophisticated in English, very classy… The notes are those of wood – with gaïac wood, benzoin and other noble materials- and of leather.

StyleMTV: What as your inspiration?

Nabil Hayari: Women of course… because whenever ladies come to enquire about a couture gown with their loved one, they often wonder why they aren’t any fragrances for men alongside the women’s … that is the first reason why I decided to create fragrances for men.

StyleMTV: How long have you been working on the launch?

Nabil Hayari: We’ve been working on the overall launch for about 6 months. Today is the US launch in New York.

StyleMTV: Where is the fragrance going to be found?

Nabil Hayari: In Paris and very soon in New York. Probably by September in Co-Bigelow, Henri Bendel… François will give you more information about the boutiques….

Exclusive Pre-Launch of his Men’s Fragrances – Nabil Hayari Paris

Marinella Sando presents HAYARI Paris’ diptych of men’s fragrances

StyleMTV: Take us through the packaging and the limited edition numbers on the men’s fragrances.

MS: The men’s fragrances are alike the women’s fragrances: they are very unique and all numbered so you know that when you purchase one of HAYARI Paris’ fragrance you are one of these very special person who wears that particular fragrance… They’re not available in the US yet, they will be in September…that’s why tonight we encourage people who really like these fragrances to get in touch with François Damide to know when and where they will be available.

The fragrances are absolutely amazing…. First of all, the case opens like a flower, with the help of a magnet. The cap is made of a very special material and has been especially designed to have a very unique closing sound and sensation…. So besides the fact that they are numbered they also close in a very specific way.

It took a very long time and tremendous attention to details to create the scents which can be worn by any type of men, in all circumstances. I personally believe that these fragrances are amazing accomplishments along with Nabil Hayari’s fashion couture designs.

I think this is going to be amazing!

StyleMTV: A lot of women like to wear masculine scents too, do you think it will be popular with women as well?

MS: Yes definitely, HAYARI Paris’ fragrances are actually unisex and women these days do to be limited to floral scents but actually want to wear masculine scents especially at business events. These scents are so well done!!

StyleMTV: I know it’s in prelaunch now and will be available in the fall, is it already available in Paris yet?

MS: I am not sure, but I know that American customers will definitely highly appreciate these products and I also know, being a new-yorker, that people from all over the world here will find these scents amazing!!

HAYARI Paris’ mens fragrances are easy to wear, not overwhelming, but with a long lasting power. It’s going to be just great, perfect for everybody

StyleMTV: I think it’s a great compliment to the women’s fragrances as well….