Wedding planner 8 May 2015

The role of a”wedding planner”: to organize a prestigious event and finding the wedding dress that comes with it.

The “wedding planner” is dedicated to your wedding and offers personalized support  and related service leading to a prestigious event.


Meeting the needs of brides and grooms is a challenge that will not necessarily be solved after visiting Bridal shows .


Entrusting the execution of your gown to a reputable and skilful designer is a guarantee of success.


The wedding fairs but mostly word of mouth are very good ways of finding a service provider that will support you through the journey of wedding organization.

luxury wedding dress

Whether it be for a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony, for a wedding hall or a luxury wedding, the mission of a “wedding planner” is sometimes delicate.


Preparing the unique and special day that is a wedding cannot not improvised.


Finding a magical place for your dinner party, or your hairdresser or lucky charms, require long hours of preparation.


Setting the wedding theme and budget, researching the best hall for the ceremony, finding a caterer and decorations, organizing the religious ceremony, printing invitations and obviously the choosing the wedding dress and suit for the groom and bride, all make up relevant items that need to be checked off the list for a successful marriage.

hayari wedding dress

Selecting professionals that best meet your requirements and budget, benefiting from preferential rates, thinking of all the details before the big day often require that you turn to an experienced professional.


There are such ones who happen to be custom-made tailors members of a select club, namely, the « Signé Couture » Federation.