Our new low-fronted shoes sewing 13 March 2019

Hayari Paris chose Italian craftsmen for its couture pumps that represent the values of the Hayari Paris brand.

This made it possible to obtain 5 models of satin pumps and different colors, decorated with Swarovski crystals that recalls our new collection of 2019 evening dresses.

The colours of our pumps are quite varied. We have a silver color, cream, Klein blue, black for the most classic, and nude to always be trendy.

The plunger displays a bold arch on a heel.

His grip with destructured cuts is responsible for giving him a silhouette combining modernity and know-how.

In addition, her shoes will allow the woman to feel good, and to be feminine at all times.

At every step, the plunger reveals the signature detail of Hayari Paris.

Its creator pumps can take you anywhere during your events.

Italy is renowned for its know-how in leather goods and footwear.

The Made in Italy is therefore a sign of excellence. In fact, Italians use very high quality raw materials.

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