Latest film festivals: Nabil Hayari, the favorite designers on the red carpet. 12 February 2015

Latest film festivals: Nabil Hayari, the favorite designers on the red carpet.

Best dresses on red carpets at the latest film festivals.


How do you premeditate the success of a dress at prestigious events with red carpets?


Being the talk of the day on a red carpet is not easy. The walk lasts a few flying minutes and you have just seconds to dazzle and make a durable impression.

Behind every dress choice lies a stylist, this is why Nabil Hayari offers to be the architect of your success.

Eiisabeth Kemp – Nabil Hayari  – Chelsea Film Festival

If your heart sways between a strapless dress with a split, a glamorous vintage style dress or a dress with a modern twist, let the talented Couture Designer Nabil HAYARI help you make the best decision.


Whether you chose to contrast the red carpet with a classic black dress  (LBD) or to dazzle with a brightly colored dress, it is an exercise in style that can be reconciled with the word ‘dare’.


Complimenting their silhouette can be a real challenge for a star. This can nevertheless be met with ease and grace thanks to a renowned designer such as Nabil Hayari.


Many Hollywood stars prefer custom models which makes  for unique dresses that stand out on the red carpet.


The Cannes Film Festival look is often a reference for red carpets at numerous film festivals.

Noticed by many journalists at the latest Film Festival in Dubai, Ingrid Jean-Baptist wore a very feminine green dress, in a fresh shade that favoured her golden complexion.


This very sexy dress, created by HAYARY Paris, allowed her to be noticed by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.


Choosing a bright dress with a silk crepe train will sublimate your features and allow you to dazzle on the red carpet, once  paired with the suitable makeup and a hollywood star worthy  hair style.


The Dubai Film Festival is an internationally renowned annual festival where Eva Longoria was amongst the expected guests this year.

Its theme: “Building cultural bridges, cultural understanding” also highlighted the organizers wishes, namely the promotion through cinema of mutual respect between communities and nations.