Create a dress needs inspiration for this year 2017 and the Designer Nabil Hayari is answering to the interview:

Hayari Paris, very fashionable dresses.

The Hayari wedding dresses give you an exquisite allure.
We bent backward to find a designer with a deep and great desire to make women look phenomenal.

Mr Hayari, how did you acquire the passion for couture?
By dressing my sisters. I started to draw and create embroidery models with my grandmother from a very young age. Later on, I went to “Sup de Mode” in Lyon to further my study where I graduated top of my class after four years of study. I then moved to Paris, where I had worked for a reputable fashion house as the artistic director for 5 years before deciding to start my own brand in 2009.

Why did you decide to focus on wedding dresses?
The desire to put women on a pedestal has always been there. And,isn’t the most important day of their lives the most ideal moment to express such desire? Furthermore, there’s a somewhat close and intimate connection between myself and the bride through the suggestions and guidance that I provide during the design of her wedding dress.

What are actually the key moments during the design of a Hayari Paris dress?
All our dresses are both custom-made and hand made. Therefore, each of our brides will wear a dress uniquely tailored to her image.
We meet the bride many times. During the first meeting, we are striving to understand what she really wants so that we can be in tune with the wedding theme, her traditions, the timing and location of the wedding, the number of costumes, and so on…
After that, we proceed to the bride’s full body casting to make sure the dress will be perfectly adapted to her body measurements. The next meeting focuses on the look and shape, when we somewhat start designing the skeleton of the final dress.
The final fine-tunings to take care of the smallest details are done just before the final delivery of the dress, even on the wedding day in the showroom if the customer so desires.

How do you choose your fabrics?
The fabrics are chosen based on two major factors: quality, and the “Made in France” brand. Our fabrics are exclusively french made. We work on different types of embroidery, and the dresses can be encrusted with crystals of pearls.
How do you describe your relationship with the newly weds?
Knowing the bride is essential in order to design a dress in her image and in the image of her wedding. It is important to know her desires, her ideas … Such knowledge will allow us to suggest the most appropriate dress model based on her body type and the wedding ceremony. Therefore, it is an absolute priority to hold continuous conversations with the bride while we design and prepare her dress in order to give her and her close entourage an absolute peace of mind. We actually form a trio with the mother of the bride. We also design evening dresses. Many of our customers come from abroad, and we are delighted to collaborate with them with the aim of designing a dress adapted to their peculiar demands and their traditions.
One last word for the future brides?
Each bride is unique. We apply all our expertise to put her on a pedestal and to ensure that unique day is magical.

Shooting in London by David Bulent Bag