How do you choose your wedding dress? 4 May 2020

The wedding dress is the centerpiece of a wedding. The eyes will be focused on you and your dress when the big day arrives. Choosing the right dress is not going to be easy. You will try on many, hate many, and prefer more than enough. Time will not be on your side. We’ll help you find your way around and reduce the time you spend on the dress. You will divide it up on other preparations. Follow the guide!

Finding the right companion

This is the step not to be neglected, choose a person who is close to you, who has more or less the same tastes as you. A best friend? A sister? A cousin? Or just your mother. This person should be frank and direct, a person with good advice. If you’re not sure one will be enough, take two or three, but not too many so you don’t get lost.

What colour should I choose?

You may already have an idea in mind, but you can also open yourself up to other choices.

The most classic: white, why? First of all, because of its meaning, white represents innocence, purity and virginity. This being said, getting married in white no longer refers so much to preconceived ideas, but rather to everyone’s preferences and tastes. White being the traditional colour of brides, you will not risk seeing your guests wearing it.

Nevertheless, these same representations lead some brides-to-be to turn to other colours. Perhaps it is not their first marriage or they already have a life well underway with their future husbands, children in common … Others want to stand out for more originality, difference by wearing their favorite color. But be careful, coloured dresses do not always meet with the unanimous approval of the guests.

However, you can break the white with a touch of colour, thus marrying the classic with the originality.

Which cut for your morphology?

In order not to waste too much time trying on dresses, choose your dress according to your morphology. Generally speaking, slim-line girls wear princess dresses, bustiers or mermaid dresses, straight… a wide choice is possible. If your waist is not very pronounced, put forward your chest.

A sportswoman with broad shoulders and long legs will look great in short dresses to highlight them. The V-neck, the round collar or the sleeves will sublimate your shoulders.

With generous shapes, choose a dress that will fit your curves, but not too tight. Beware of extravagant necklines, bustiers and dresses that are too voluminous and weigh down the silhouette. U-necks, V-necks or a square collar will fit you perfectly.

The reception area and the season
Take into account the location of the reception and the season. You are not going to lug around in a very elegant dress for a country wedding for example. On the other hand, a winter dress cannot be worn in summer and vice versa, the material of the dress, the sleeves and the accessories will play a big role.

Don’t forget that above all, you must feel comfortable in your dress and that it corresponds to your personality. It is important that you can move around in it, otherwise you may not be able to dance and move around on your big day. Above all, have fun and enjoy your hunt for THE dress, you will only get one chance to do so.