Hayari Paris in Zimbio: A Planet For Gorgeous Women! 7 April 2013

Hayari Paris in Zimbio: A Planet For Gorgeous Women!

By Afoma Eguh Okafor on April 5, 2013

Hayari Paris emphasis in creating Beauty are based on class, sophisication and elegance which is shown in all their collections. Although their magnificient designs are used by Beauty Queens, Fashionistas, Movie Stars  and Socialites  all over the World, yet the designers, Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard remains very Loyal and Humble. Their fashion house is unusually different, but solely  dedicated to Affluent and Fabulous  Women.  They create superb collections for their clients and derive joy in serving them satisfactorily by utilizing  chic and elegant materials. Hayari House of Paris invests on superior fabrics, lots of feathers, Swarovski crystals and complimentary ornaments to go with the gowns inorder to put a smile on their client’s faces. Dresses  designed are Flawless, Classy and Exquisite, an excellent way to show the Ultra Chic lifestyle of  Paris, “The City of Lights.” These men work Endlessly and Relentlessly inorder to meet the demands of their clients,  and with the amount of dedication and perseverance they put into their work, they are Destined for Success without questions!

They have a reputation of accessorizing their women with Graceful finesse. Making sure that each recipient is fully satisfied and happy. While styling the clients, they make sure that each dress matches  the right personality. So when you see the Fashion icons on the runway, you can tell from their body language that there is a message behind every style.  Each personality  speaks its own language and the message is loud and clear. While watching the Estet Jewelry Fashion week video recently, l realized how the Models embodied Hayari Gowns differently, they presented their inner beauty in a most dignified way. They walked like Angels, and each Angel with a different style and poise. They were beautiful and l adored them. Each model genuinely manifested her inner Diva in a very unique way. They radiated  with Beauty,  inner tranquility,  and a regal beauty of an Empress while on the runway. And l must say this, “Hayari’s World is a World of Gorgeous Women.”

Hayari’s aesthetic designs are also intertwined in the trio Perfumes, “Only For Her,” “Broderie,” and “Goldy.” These Perfumes are formulated with numerous flowers and natural raw materials, and the result is a fascinating mixture of Pure Love with Flowers. In fact the perfumes shows a mixture of Art and Love which makes them very Classy, Timeless and Luxurious. The trio Perfumes are designed for those who love Luxury and also unique for  those who loves romantic adventures. Any woman that uses these fragrances can assure you that the luscious smell gives self confidence  with an elegant perfection.  The iconic perfumes are unforgettable, and Brilliant!!

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