Hayari Paris in Cairo 14 November 2016

HAYARI PARIS has settled in Cairo!

The opportunity for the designer, Nabil Hayari, to present his 2017 haute couture collection during a fashion show organized in the Ramses Hilton hotel for a charity gala.

Set up by the prestigious hotel, this charity event aims to strengthen cooperation between France and Egypt through cultural activities such as a fashion shows.

Many designers have already been highlighted in the same place in the past: Valentino, Azzaro, Givenchy, and Christian Dior.

This year, it’s HAYARI PARIS that the gala chose to honour, and for the occasion, the most beautiful creations of evening dresses and jewellery were selected to dazzle the audience.

Dresses of all materials and in all colours, decorated the most beautiful jewellery, were shown under the astonished eyes of the guests present in this magical setting.

An evening to discover on Instagram.