Award Winning Hayari Paris Parfums, and Gorgeous Gowns Showcased During The Golden Globes 2014! 5 February 2014

Award Winning Hayari Paris Parfums, and Gorgeous Gowns Showcased During The Golden Globes 2014!

The City of Angels, is known as the Movie Capital of the World,  where Stars and Celebs are honored and recognized for their great achievements in Movies, Music, and TV’s. But Prior to celebrating these events, they are usually pampered and gifted with uncommon, and yet luxurious gifts. Usually, the Celebs are the first to experience the Beauty and Glamour of the products launched or showcased on a first hand level. Celebrity Gifting Suites is usually a Five Star Style organized events that kicks off with Celebrations, Pre-Parties, Private Gatherings, and Dinners.  During this year’s Golden Globes, Hayari Paris collaborated with the Gifting Suite organized by the Secret Room Gifting Events,  at the Fabulous SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, California. It was one of the most organized and remarkable Gifting Suites ever, as Stars and Celebs who participated were thrilled by the Gorgeous Products either showcased, displayed or Gifted by the Superb designers including our one and only one Fabulous Hayari House of Paris!

Yes, Hayari Paris Iconic Parfums and Gorgeous Gowns are one of the products showcased which actually attracted a lot of attention from the Celebs. It was a Gorgeous display and a magnificient sight to look on. One of the most remarkable things about Hayari Paris is they Epitomizes Beauty and portrays the Legend of Goddesses across the Globe. And as the world’s most Sophisticated and Classy Designers, Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard as always are driven by Motivation and Love for Gorgeous Women who inspires them. That’s why their creations stands out  anywhere. Sometimes, words aren’t enough to describe the Beauty and Glamour of these admirable Collections, but it’s more like seeing is believing. The Dresses are usually entrance makers, and the Fragrances are very unique, and unforgettable. And this is as a result of all the attention to details utilized during the creation of these Magical and Timeless Classics.

Actor Robert Christopher Riley, Known For: Getting Even, Adventures of Sweet Yellow, Ironside, Hit the Floor, The Spirit Game, For Better For Worse, The Bourne Legacy, Damages, Single Ladies, Nurse Jackie, Eden, White Collar, Victorious, Medium, Royal Pains, Law and Order, The Turtle, Over Coffee, The Trade off……E.t.c, and Star Designer, Nabil Hayari!The Iconic Hayari Floral Trio Parfums, “Only For Her,” “Goldy,” and “Broderie” are no strangers to  Hollywood Celebrities. In 2012, Hayari Parfums ” Only For Her,” the very First Oriental Floral fragrance made its first entrance into the United States during the 69th Golden Globes Awards in Hollywood, California. This Timeless Oriental Fragrance was launched and was also Gifted to the Celebs. The debut was a great Success, and l am personally thrilled by the outcome and the level of recognition drawn to this Fabulous Fashion House!

Shortly after the Debut of “Only For Her,” the designers decided to Craft two more Unique Fragrances, “Broderie” and “Goldy.” And this is because of the level of Success received from launching “Only For Her.” Again, the Designers took a trip to Italy, and the newly crafted Fragrances were  Launched in Milan, during an event organized by Escence, “a natural Habitat for Artistic Perfumery.” As soon as the Trio Floral Parfums were  all launched, Hayari Paris became transformed to a Luxury Fashion House. And this is  because of the Glamour that radiates with the collections Created. Recently, the campaign for Hayari Paris is to exclusively design more Gorgeous collections in order to evoke Beauty, Glamour, and Luxury to the Clients all over the World!
Actress kate Linder known for: The Young and the Restless, Miss Meadows, Miracle at Gate 213, The Tiffany and Erin Show, The Talent watch, Studio 3 Hollywood up Close, Erased, Sebastian, Hysteria, Eco-Hollywood, Lights Out, ACME Saturday Night, The Gold and the Beautiful, A Couple of White Chicks at the hairdresser, The Divorce Ceremony, Single Track, Cotillion 65, Street Smarts…..E.t.c, and Star Designer, Nabil Hayari! 

In 2013 during the Oscars, The Luxury Collections were once again showcased in an exclusive Pre – Oscar Party Bash for the Celebrities at Andaz Hotel, West Hollywood, California, and also during an Event organized by Half the Sky Movement, the Women empowerment Movement. All these events were done showcasing Hayari Parfums in 50 ML bottles and the Gorgeous Collections of Gowns of course. Everybody that knows Hayari Paris,  knows the Generous Spirit behind this unique Fashion pioneers. So as soon they finished crafting their Parfums in 100 ML bottles, the Designers didn’t hesistitate to fly down to Hollywood once again to showcase the most recent addition to this Luxury Fashion House. And l know deeply in my Heart that anybody that have used any of Hayari’s Trio Parfums, can also testify that these Fabulous Parfums have an alluring quality and an appealing blend of Class, Chic, and Sophistication. Also, knowing these Luxe  Designers very well, l can tell you that, Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard knows how to win any woman’s heart. And l don’t blame them for that because their Luxe collections are inspired by Gorgeous Women. I am saying this because, l have travelled with them, and all l see around is Beauty everywhere. All the Women drawn to them are Gorgeous, and Classy. And since l love feeding my eyes with beauty, l decided to enjoy the sight, and who would blame me for that, l guess nobody, because it is said that, “Beauty will save the World.”

Star Designer, Nabil Hayari and Actress Lorielle New, known for: Orgy of the Demand, From Here on Out, Bruno and  Earlene Go to Vegas, The Extendables, Noirland, 9 Full Moons, Love Story, Hollywood Girls, Bleed 4 Me, Brides of Beverly Hills, Past Obsessions, Orgy of Blood, Naked killer, Living the Dream, Shade of Pale, Alone with a Stranger, Farewell, My love, Live virgin, Up Close and Personal,  Carman: The Champion, King of Ants, Anna’s Eve…….E.t.c! 

There is no wonder that Hayari Paris is the best kept secret of the Hollywood. The enchanting Fashion house flaunts its treasures in so many effortless ways. The collections are sensual, sexy, and ultra-Feminine, an all you need for a high confidence level, no matter the Occasion you want to indulge yourself. The Gowns are designed to stand out, whether it’s for a first flirty date, A Dream Wedding, A Red Carpet appearance, or A Fluanty Fashion Show, The House of Hayari got Gowns for every stage. Some of the Gowns are specifically designed for Romantic Rendezvous. And expounding on that, it’s almost Valentine, and the House of Hayari got everything to make your V-Day Worthwhile. Of Course, we know that “LOVE IS ALL.” There is nothing better than Love.  Love has no Limits. Love is powerful enough to reach beyond two Souls.  Love brings so many beautiful memories. And no two Love Story are alike. So since we are embarking on Valentine season, it’s more expedient for you to shower yourself with Love by using Hayari’s collections, especially the Trio Hayari Luxury Parfums. Just take advantage of the V-Day sales by visiting

Or! Celebrating the  V-Day by indulging in the Beauties that the House of Hayari has to offer is also a Step towards your Destiny as you put yourself first by pampering  and applauding yourself!
Star Designer, Nabil Hayari, getting an interview from Ashley Hume of the Hollywood TV! 

The Star designers are proud of their Elegant and Dignified Collections as the Celebs embraced the collections with so much love in their heart. I always say this, when  you want to create something, its always good to create something worthwhile, l mean, something that people will fall in Love with, and that’s the case with the House of Hayari, they tastefully create highly Sophisticated and unforgettable collections. It’s one thing to showcase something worth looking at, and it’s another thing for the onlooker to love and cherish the collections showcased. That’s what happened during this spectacular event. The Stars and Celebs fell in love with Hayari’s Collections, the handcrafted and hand numbered Parfums have an Elegant and Timeless Appeal, and the Gowns as always have  a Queenly Allure.
I have being using Hayari’ s product for more than Two years now, and l can testify to this. At a point, l believe, every woman should have these Collections for keeps, because they are designed as a part of every woman’s life. It’s just a must-have, the Gowns are exceptionally designed, and they are very Unique in so many ways. They also offers a degree of comfort, you can hardly find else where. The Parfums are Sensual, enthralling, and unforgettable. And if l have my way, l would wear every dress designed by Hayari, and l will swim in the Ocean of the Trio Floral Parfums. This is Just me!

Actress Haley Pullos, Known for: Growing up Fisher, Instant Mom, General Hospital, Montana Amazon, House M.D, Dead Air, The Collector, Dark House, Doll House, The Cleaner, The Middeman, Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight, Til Death, Teens Wanna Know, The Joey and Elise Show…..E.t.c, and Star Designer, Nabil Hayari!

Below are the delicate and Excellent selection of Stylishly designed Hayari Gowns chosen for the Golden Globes 2014. They brought an Ethereal Beauty and was a Delightful display to look on. The Standard of Quality is amazing and they made a stunning and Visual Statement!
Hayari’s Stunning Gowns chosen for the Golden Globes 2014! Photo Credit by  Fashionlaine/Getty Images!Hayari Paris strives to show the Celebs, an excellent selection of their luxurious, delicious, and unique Gowns, and Parfums that evokes ethereal beauty. Therefore, whenever Hayari Paris is mentioned, the only thing that comes into mind is Luxury, Class,  and Sophistication! The Gowns creates an elaborate and Dazzling Display anywhere showcased. The shimmering luster, the iridescent sparkles, and the fancy flairs makes the sight to be like enjoying a slice of Mount Olympus here on earth. The collections of Gowns looks like the closet that belongs to Gods and Goddesses. In Fact, the lovely Gowns have Timeless Grace with Elegant Sophistication!

Hayari Paris CEO, Hugues Alard, Actor Haekeem Kae-Kazim, Known for:Black Sails, Last Flight to Abuja, Half of a Yellow Sun, Black November, Covert Affairs, The Bourne Conspiracy, Pirates of Caribbean: At World’s End, Lost, The Frontline, Hotel Rwanda, After the Rain, The Adventures of Sinbad, Runaway Bay, Double Vision, Ellington, Trial and Retribution, God is African……E.t.c, Star Designer, Nabil Hayari, and Myself, Afoma Eguh Okafor!

Le Maison Hayari Paris is exponentially growing almost at the same speed as the Light. These days they are popularly known as a luxurious Fashion House that crafts glamorous collections of Gowns and Award winning trio Parfums. Yes, they are credited as one of the best Fashion House of our time, and portrays nothing less than Excellence and Class. The Gorgeous collections are unique and intriguing, and are now showcased in all the Fashion Capitals of the World. This Fashion House represents the ultimate French culture with their Timeless collections. The Wedding Dress, Red Carpet Gowns, Evening wears are always a Dream come true for Classy and Sophisticated Ladies. If you have never being to Paris before, you can see Paris in a nut shell by looking at Hayari’s collections.You can also feel Paris by wearing Hayari’s Gowns. And you can smell Paris, by splashing Hayari’s Parfums on your body. I know what l just said is too good to be true, but it is the truth!

Actress Tami Erin, known for: Tim and Eric Show,  Disconnect, The Little Rose, Kill you Twice, My Uncle the Alien, The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, Straight from the Horses Mouth…..E.t.c, and Star Designer, Nabil Hayari!There is something special about Hayari’s collections, they are Charming, Lovely, and Sensual.  Yes, the collections seduces in a sweet way, but we are okay with that. The hand embroidery Gowns creates a softer, and lighter feel that will capture anyone’s attention in a Magical way. The Timeless Elegance of the Parfums are pretty remarkable. Some of us that indulge in Hayari’s Collections live for the lavish looks which is usually a Scene stealing. And, l am thrilled when Hayari gives us a taste of that rich details, especially for  people like me who revels in the fantasy of the Luxury Fashion House. All l can say is that Hayari’s Hand embroidered Gowns are Gorgeous, Comfy, and makes a Lady’s Beauty and Grace to seem effortless!  

Actress Carly Steel, known for: Star Power, Zoe Gone, Castle, Dumbbells, The Adventures of Don Juan and Tu, Malibu Horror Story, Unstoppable, Hollywood 411, The Bold and Beautiful, We are Men, Mortdecai, H8R, Greek, Hollyscoop, From Hollywood to Hollywood,  Omg! Insider on CBS as a host in December and is hosting Golden/ Awards Season Coverage for CBS, and Star Designer, Nabil Hayari!
Hayari’s collections are more modern than most collections in other Fashion Houses. They are Gorgeous, Charming, Elegant and stands out with flaunting attributes, which makes bold statements. Like l said before, they are eye catching, head turning, and Entrance makers that compliments any Occasion. And just as it was said, “Inspiration is where moment becomes memory, and one is thinking outside the ordinary.” Therefore in the Hayari World, you will  discover the unexpected and celebrate the unforgettable, because they are the most irresistible and positively unforgettable Fashion House of our Time…..Believe it or Not!

My self, Afoma Eguh Okafor,  Actress Blanca Blanco of Star Trek Equinox: The night time, Sensory Perception, Crimes of the mind, Spreading Darkness, Death Dream, and American Romance adorned in a Gorgeous Hayari Exquisite Gown, Star Designer, Nabil Hayari, and Hugues Alard, the CEO of Hayari Paris!Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself as if you already have the amazing Hayari’s collections. Also imagine yourself Gorgeously adorned in a Charming Hayari’ s Exquisite Gown. While in this realm, also imagine yourself flaunting the gown as if you are the only Goddess on Mountain Olympus. Also, Imagine that, no dress-for-your body  will be complete without Hayari’s Collections which are fabulous essentials and a thrill to your Lavish lifestyle. Imagine, yourself walking on a spotlight, with Camera Crews, Fans, Reporters, Friends, Well Wishers, and a huge crowd cheering, and honoring you while adorned in this Fabulous Gown. And at that moment, you are feeling your very best, with your face radiating with Timeless Beauty and you are enjoying self-assurance with Elegant Perfection.  Finally, imagine that all these are not just ordinary wishfull thinking or a figment of your imagination, but a reality. And a reality that will last more than life itself. Right there, you have reached the peak of your creative Power. And at that moment, all your Dreams will come true.  Remember the saying, “whatever you dream about, you bring about.”  Also remember, this is about you and what you want in Life because we all face the full length mirror everyday, and alone!

Actor Kevin P. Farley, known for: Model Citizen, The Sound of Magic, Roswell FM, Project FM, Project Bigfoot, Dude Where is my Dog, The Yank, To Appomattox, The Neighbors, Paranormal Movie, Rules of Engagement, Hot in Cleveland, The Jadagrace Show, Tomorrow’s End, Pretend Time, United States of Tara, Love that Girl, Til Death, The Gold & The Beautiful, An American Carol, Dog Gone, Blonde and Blonder, Wild Girls Gone, That’s so Raven, The Waterboy, Misguided Angels….E.t.c, and  Star Designer, Nabil Hayari!Hayari Parfums are masterfully crafted with a glorious and stunning addition of indulgence,  and the Gowns has an Elegance that is sure to bring dignified presence anywhere. In Fact, the Luxury of Hayari’s Collections reminds one of a Regal Splendor, that gives Noble and Sophisticated appearance. And l must say this, a stunning and Timeless Beauty radiates when one is adorned in the Luxury and Exquisite Style of these Gorgeous Gowns. Now as the World’s most priviledged Designers, Hayari Paris enjoys the Lavish Style of their beautiful Creations. So for every Lady out there, all the time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can actually indulge yourself, with this Fabulous and Ethereal lovely collections, and make yourself beautiful by feeling beautiful. Inside your Treasure chest, l suggest that you have these dazzling Trio Parfums as part of your Luxury collections and also as a heavenly addition to your Lavish lifestyle!

Myself, Afoma Eguh Okafor with, Actress and Model, Tyffanee C. Smith, known for: The Gold Rush Boogie, Sports: WTF, Group sex, How l met Your Mother, Ugly Betty……E.t.c!