Private sale at the boutique in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and presentation of new collection of summer eau de Cologne 7 July 2017

Success for the private sale at Hayari Paris boutique in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Many people visited the boutique to take advantage of the private soiree that was organized by Hayari Paris to mark the beginning of summer 2017.


The privileged guests enjoyed the new collection of summer eau de Cologne, perfectly designed citrus fragrances. The special setup organized by Hayari Paris, aimed at promoting the new perfumes, allowed the vast majority of the guests to clearly enjoy the men’s and women’s fragrances that were on display. The first perfume was a subtle mélange of mint and Yuzu. The second perfume, named Joyeuse Numéro 2, is more aromatic and contains extracts from “Herbes de Provence” such as tarragon and basil.  And finally, a rhubarb and fig based perfume, Joyeuse Numéro 3  is more gourmet and enjoyed a tremendous success. Another privilege afforded to the guests was the display of new line of jewelry for men to celebrate father’s day during that week.


Bloggers and Youtubers were in the assembly, the delight from what Hayari Paris offers as an authentic representation of the both accessible and affordable Parisian luxury won them all. Many of Hayari Paris products are actually available on the web through the online boutique Hayari Paris Shop. Therefore, that communal event was an opportunity for all the aficionados of the brand to meet under the banner of the Hayari Paris community in Paris and from other regions of France.


The entirety of the unlimited editions were sold out in no time at all for the delight of all faithful customers of the brand. You can follow on the social media the launching and promotion of our fashion accessory lines such as jewelry, perfumes without forgetting to give a special mention to our haute couture.