Our atelier of creation ! 2 April 2019

Hayari Paris couture atelier is located in Paris, at the same place as the boutique, within the Golden Triangle, cradle of Haute Couture. This studio is divided in two parts. The first one is dedicated to the confection of unique wedding gowns, their bustier if it is necessary, their embroideries and their laces. The second one which is dedicated to light fabrics, is the place where expert hands master all the clothing trades, from model making to sewing, but also pattern making and assembling. Each and every dress is made by hand, always respecting the house’s values which are craftsmanship and the mastery of noble materials’ working. The designer Nabil Hayari draws himself all his sketches. These drawings are totally detailed and annotated to be used as a reference by the dressmakers who make the models. The head seamstress’ role is to interpret the drawn model. A special attention is paid to each dress and the time passed at the dressmaking is a pledge of perfection and a guarantee of quality.

The atelier is the ideal place for the creation. It is the place where the seamstresses give free to their expertise and savoir-faire which make the reputation of the Maison but also of the fashion city. Dressmakers and seamstresses back up the designer in the creation of each dress, which is an authentic luxury creation. It is a precise and subtle teamwork. Nabil Hayari makes each dress for the sake of perfection, expressing his savoir-faire while respecting the French couture’s customs. Thanks to the expert hands of the dressmakers in the atelier, creations come to life.

Hayari Paris’ client is a woman who will soon be married and who likes couture finishing touches. She appreciates high quality raw materials such as silk muslin or embroidered materials and wishes that the dress she will wear on the day of her wedding is unique and exceptional. She wants to have the possibility to choose shape of her dress and all the details which compose it. She is demanding and wishes to have a high quality service and creation. For 10 years, our atelier designs unique silhouettes with a flawless service and is grateful for being able to accompany and sublimate hundreds of women, always having the desire of creating.

Hayari Paris