Hayari Paris Celebrity Society! 30 April 2013

Hayari Paris Celebrity Society! From Zimbio.com

There is no kind of work in life that can compare with the hardwork put in Hayari Atelier in Paris. The high esteem that goes with this fashion house demands that utmost attention be given to the client’s needs inorder to have excellent client satisfaction rates! The designers, Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard, have a duty to present, protect, and preserve the integrity of their fashion house by creating exquisite collections for their clients!

CEO of Hayari Paris, Hugues Alard; INTERNATIONAL LUXURY CONSULTING, Anne De Champigneul and Fashion Designer Nabil Hayari!

Hayari Paris began showing their Haute Couture collection and Trio Fragrances in Paris, and their Success rate was unimaginable. They extended their exquisite collections to New York under the Tutelage of Francois R. Damide, who now holds the exclusive rights of Hayari Paris perfumes in United States and Canada. Whether it’s Haute Couture or Trio Perfumes Collections, Hayari Paris meets the needs of the World’s most glamorous and sophisticated women. The Fashion House in the Parisian Atelier is very unique for their Fabulous style, from dusk to dawn. Now, what the World’s Hottest celebrities have in common is that everybody wants to wear dresses designed by Hayari Paris and also use the intriguing trio perfumes, “Only For Her”  “Broderie” and “Goldy.” Having crossed the bridge by establishing the extension of their Fashion House in New York, we hope that the US clients will enjoy some of the memorable pleasures that Hayari Paris has to offer. 

The gorgeous Hayari Paris gown that was put out for auction by Charity buzz for American Heart Society.

One of Hayari Paris  iconic gowns, the one shoulder, red silk satin, one-of-a-kind, gown that features a layer of chiffon and embroidered chatilly lace,  accented with Swarovski crystals  has been  auctioned in New York. And the proceeds were donated to American Heart Association by the CEO of Crafting Beauty Francois R. Damide.

Hayari Couture dress Auction check presented to American Heart Association by the CEO of Crafting Beauty,  Francois R. Damide!

Success does not ask Why. It is not how long, but how well. A man’s potentials cannot be compared with one who has put strength into exercise over a longer period of time. Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard, the brains behind Hayari Paris also presented their outstanding niche perfume to the INTERNATIONAL LUXURY CONSULTING Anne De Champigneul in Paris this past weekend. They presented “GOLDY.”  Goldy evokes elegance and luxury, and portrays French lifestyle throughout the World!

Fashion Mogul Nabil Hayari and INTERNATIONAL LUXURY CONSULTING, Anne De Champigneul!

Hayari’s Floral trio perfumes are subtle, elegant and sensual. These perfumes commemorates the extravagant World of Women. Perfumes were created with expensive materials because the women in Hayari planet are Glamour Ladies, women with style, Class and Sophistication. Every Hayari Woman got something to show through their personality, that’s why Hayari selectively created the unique trio perfumes, “Only For Her,”  “Goldy,” and “Broderie.” And each perfume goes with a different Hayari Woman’s personality and Style.  Hayari perfumes are like precious Jewels of the body with it’s exceptional blend of natural raw materials and uniqueness.  The outcome of these trio fragrances is nothing but Luxury and Sensuality. Hayari Planet’s goal is to transpose Women’s feminity into an intriguing and elegant lifestyle.

For more information, please visit: www.hayariparis.com!

In the US you can order Hayari Perfumes from: www.bigelowchemists.com
C.O Bigelow is located at 414 sixth Avenue in New York City.

and Of course Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue New York