Wedding Jewellery 2 June 2016

Nabil Hayari launches his new wedding jewellery collection!

One of the most beautiful days in a women’s life, the wedding day is a very expected occasion and a day which the women dream about since ever.

The wedding place, the flowers, the wedding dress is probably the points where the bride and groom think about most. But the difference is on the small details, such as jewelry worn by the bride on D-Day.

The good jewellery with the right dress completes the look and makes the whole visual more harmonious.

This is why Nabil Hayari has always offered and created to its customers complete looks, dress, shoes, accessories and jewelry, for no detail be left out, like this his brides are more resplendent when they celebrate the most beautiful day of their lives!

Moreover he had the desire to create a line of jewelry especially for weddings. A complete line with ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace, in different styles to showcase the various’ beauties of women.

Unique and exceptionally pieces are available in ephemeral collection to complement the permanent collections. As in Hayari’s dresses, the jewels represent the Parisian and elegant style, the inspirations of the designer.

Made with Swarovski crystals and rhodium for a best quality and durability of the pieces, all jewelry is impregnated of luxury, modernity and character.

The ephemera collections are available in Hayari’s boutique at Saint-Germain des Prés with the permanent collections which are also available on our web store.