The wedding dress by Nabil Hayari 17 November 2016

Hayari Couture Paris designs wedding dresses according to the belief that every bride deserves to be nothing but astonishing when she celebrates the most beautiful day of her life. The bride is the centre of attention. She must be perfect!

Choosing the right dress is not always an easy affair. There are several factors to consider when deciding, such as the morphology of the future bride, the season, the culture and traditions of the marriage and of course the desires of the young woman.

For a tailor-made dress it is necessary to forecast minimum 3 or 4 appointments with the couturier.

During the first meeting, the designer talks with the client to understand her expectations, to be as close as possible to the theme and all the parameters of her marriage.

Then a canvas molding of her bust is made so that the dress perfectly fits her measurements and allows to reduce the number of fitting, which also has the advantage of being able to dress from a distance if the bride cannot move.

Finally, the last details are settled shortly before the delivery of the design, it is also the opportunity to complete the look with the accessories, and to be able to dream already in the big day.

If the client wishes, she has the opportunity to prepare for the showroom the big day came with the help of the dressmaker who ensures once again that everything is just perfect.