New Oud

Eau de Parfum (20%) 100 ml/3.4oz, 176€

To complete his perfume collections and offer a real blend between East and West, HAYARI PARIS found its inspiration from Sheherazade’s One Thousand and One Nights tales, which used to fascinate the sultan every evening before he fell into sleep. Thus, we imagine the queen wearing an exquisite cocktail dress with a few drops of a mysterious woodsy smell. Likewise, we visualize with great delight the strong and naughty Aladdin, spreading on town a few drops of this same fragrance.

Nabil Hayari also wished to bring out a sweet orange blossom scent, tender souvenir of his childhood’s garden where orange trees used to bloom under the golden sun.

To finish, the tuberose partners with the oud wood in order to make this dream into a contemporary perfume. Since the XVIth century, this flower’s particular smell captivates perfumers and artists. Zola even declares in Nana that « when tuberoses decompose, they have a human smell », hence their enigmatic and captivating scent. Indeed, even after they have been gathered, tuberose flowers continue to diffuse their smell.

The first inspiration of this mixed perfume is the collection of female fragrances dedicated to white flowers. This time, the tuberose appears, fascinating, powerful and enigmatic. Its intoxicating and alluring scents bring a fresh start to the travel invitation of this new opus introduced by the designer.

The floral and vegetal aspects of the tuberose, the green resin, offer an olfactive dream both in contrast and in harmony with the orange blossom notes, creamy and fruity. It is this bright wake that opens the door to the following trip, that boards to leathery and animal oud notes. This blend of oud and tuberose is a first in perfumery, hence the name of the perfume « NEW OUD ».

This walk and homage to the East created in collaboration with Cécile Zarokian transports you to a sacred meditation in which the oud essences mixed with the spicy notes of saffron express an ultimate refinement.

Wearing NEW OUD is asserting the rich and subtle dimension of one’s personality, an invitation to eternal life, an oriental interpretation of French savoir-faire.

“NEW OUD is a sensual perfume created around a seductive, rich and powerful oud contrasting with a green and fresh tuberose” Cécile Zarokian


The sophisticated 12 facets perfume bottle with the Hayari’s H engraved at the back and the squared glass cap were designed by Sylvie de France.