New jewelery designs 31 March 2015

New jewelery designs at the Saint-Germain-des-Pres HAYARI Paris boutique : baroque and Swarovski pearls

This week we are introducing new and unique jewelry designs made up of different raw materials. These high-end costume jewelry lines were created with the same quality standards as all of HAYARI Paris’s accessories and with the same core values .

We used high quality pearls called Hong Kong baroque pearls. These beads, made imperfect by nature, are not round. This specific feature enables a greater variety of costume jewelry creations with unconventional and irregular shapes that make for unique necklaces. Hong Kong pearls are iridescent and allow for the most original designs depending on their size.

Other jewelery lines presented with the latest collection were made with Swarovski crystals, including earrings with amber  colored Swarovskis.

Swarovski crystal gives added sparkle and lush and will compliment the finest jewelry set for daily use or exclusive parties.

This modern crystal replaces what used to be called Rhinestone:  a diamond simulant made from rock crystal, glass or acrylic that was used extensively in the past.

It is a tradition amongst designers to use this type of sparkling crystals. Spearheading this trend , WORTH used them during the Universal Exhibition of 1900 and PAQUIN for their embroidered dresses with Swarovski crystals.

We have used these crystals extensively for earrings and some art deco rings.

We are also introducing several Bestiary style jewelry lines reprensenting wild beasts and reptiles. The animal kingdom has been a constant source of inspiration for elegant jewelry. Such a wild twist brings a touch of luxury to jewelery items as if they were really taming the animal world.

This allows to be very imaginative by designing jewelry as talismans that stand out and it also  allows for more daring baroque style jewelry designs reminiscent of animal presentations from the 40s and 50s.

Finally, very recently we’ve presented a new collection of exclusive belts using the same animal theme, for both men and women. The inside of the belt is of the same yellow color as the one used for the brand, with Alligator or Lion shaped belt closures. These types of belts, that can easily be adjusted on a dress at the waist or be used as ceremonial belts for men, are genuine leather  and foal skin.

All items listed above are already highly requested and will be available in our shop located in Saint Germain-des-Prés.