New Collection Showcased by hayari Paris to the Celebs in Hollywood during the Award Season 2014.

“Hayari  Paris”  a Parisian based Fashion House which is a treasure at its peak, once again Stunned  Beverly Hills, California. The designers, Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard brought light  from the City of Lights “Paris,” and illuminated the City of Angels “Los Angeles” with their Exquisite collections during the Golden Globes 2014. With this DIVINE collaboration, the Fabulous Fashion house, although richly equiped with Gorgeous Gowns, adorned with expensive French Feathers, Diamonds, and Swarvosky Crystals, with  the lovely and superb collections of the handcrafted and Hand numbered niche Hayari Trio perfumes once again made a dramatic entrance. As always, Hayari Paris got it all together as they dominated the Golden Globes Gifting Suite organized by the Secret room, which took place  at the Fabulous SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Although there were so many Superb Designers that participated in this event, Hayari Paris stunning designs as always makes things nicer, prettier, and beautiful. The elegant, exquisite and intricately designed bejeweled gowns and iconic trio perfumes became the Darling of the Hollywood Celebs. Perhaps the most fascinating thing and Hallmark of the event.  The dresses as always showed a true elegance of the French culture, and the iconic and Timeless Perfumes, now crafted in a 100 ml Eau De Parfums bottles made an undeniably, and remarkably gorgeous display.

World Pop Artist  Z  LaLa  of  Sweet Dreams are made of this,  and the Star Designer, Nabil Hayari!


The Hollywood Awards usually kicks off with the gifting suites, and this year’s Golden Globes Awards, Hayari Paris took a quantum leap, just like in the past. It was more like a show that cannot be missed, as Nabil Hayari, the Star Designer and his partner Hugues Alard, the CEO of Hayari Paris have decided to become an enduring symbol of life’s possibilities, and the proof that closed doors, glass ceilings and obstacles cannot stop anybody that sets his or her mind to do the unimaginable. These two men have finally become the Fashion Legends of Hollywood, as the Stars and Celebs who came for the Golden Globes Gifting Suites surrounded them trying to get a piece of this Fabulous Fashion House.

The Designers actually handpicked the Celebratory Signature collections, some of the Gowns have never been seen before, but were designed Exclusively for the Golden Globes Awards. In many ways, Gifting the Celebs is Hayari Paris approach of showcasing their classy and sophisticated collections. And of course, since Hayari is known for an unabashed appreciation of Beauty and Glamour, the Fashion house have become the Hollywood sweetheart, and this is because the World needs beautiful, interesting and fascinating things. So now, l have started to believe that whatever Hayari touches turns to Gold, because these men utilizes Excellence, which is the key thing in anything Good in the World today. Hayari’s unique sense of style is incomparable, and l must say, everything about Hayari is Breathtaking!

Meital Dohan, Israeli Award winning Actress, A two time Israeli Oscar Nominee, and a one time Israeli Tony Award Nominee! Star of “The Legend of the Silent Man, God’s sandbox, Monogamy, Foreclosure,  The Sumo wrestler, and Don Peyote,” with our Star Designer, Nabil Hayari!

The brilliant designs became the most sought for, as all the Stars and Celebs fell in Love with the adorable Gowns, and iconic perfumes. As a witness to this memorable event, l was deeply humbled and speechless, l couldn’t believe how much the Hollywood A – Listers wanted a little piece of Hayari. And although, l have seen Hayari’s Collections over and over again, l was thrilled by the Gorgeous selection. Infact, there is one Gown in particular, l would have taken home with me, if l am allowed, the “The Light Blue embroidered gorgeous gown with a queenly trail’ on display. It is so beautiful with a Majestic allure!

Actress Josie  Davis, of Wizardream, Mantervention, The Mentalist, Dirty Teacher, Perfect Assistant, The Perfect Student, Past Obsessions, Beverly Hills 90210, Love Boat, Baywatch, Beach House, Profiler, NCIS, CSI:Miami, In The Game, Young and Restless, Silk Stalkings Etc…….!

With the many classy designers who attended this event, Hayari drew the most crowd, it happens that the pendulum ball was one directional, always tilting to the Hayari’s Crocodile carpet, and Gorgeous displays! It was a remarkable and irresistable sight for the Celebs. All the collections are very unique, the dresses are stylishly, lavishly, and  intricately detailed, while the fragrances are filled with Luxury, Glamor, and Class. I would say, Hayari’s language is Class, Chic, and Fabulous.

Star Designer Nabil Hayari, one of my favorite Actors, Eric Martsolf of Days of our life and Passion Daytime TV show, (Myself) Afoma Eguh Okafor, Writer and Author of The Infinite Intelligence:The Ladder of Success and Hugues Alard, CEO of Hayari Paris!

Stars like Louis Gossett Jr, who won an Oscar for the Movie, “ROOTS,” Two time Emmy nominated actress, Charlotte Ross, Actress Meital Dohan, a two time Isreali Oscar nominated and an Israeli Tony Award nominee, One of my Fav Actors, Eric Martsolf of Days of our life and Passion, Brandi Burhardt, Former Miss New York, and Star of Hart of Dixie, Kate Linder of the Young and Restless, Karla Mosley of the Bold and beautiful, Carla Steel, the host of Golden Globes Awards Season coverage for CBS, Crystal Allen of Body of Proof, John Savage, “Captain Flavor” of Star Trek, and Girlfriend, Actress Blanca Blanco of Star Trek, Yvette Yates of the Devil’s Ink, Josie Davis of the Perfect Assistance/ Beverly Hills 90210, and Two and half men,  Hunter Tylo of All my Children, Diagnosis Murder, The Nanny, Zorro, and Melrose Place, and a host of other Stars and Celebs l didn’t mention graced the occassion. It was indeed a remarkable event!

                      Star Designer, Nabil Hayari with the Celebs Chit chatting!

The collection showcased in this event are nothing but luxury, chic and sophisticated masterpiece. The Star Designers exceeded the expectations of all the partcipants with their dedicated first class service. Infact its almost impossible to describe the majestic allure of the event.

Karla Mosley of “Burn After Reading, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, Law and Order, Hart of Dixie, Blood Brothers,  Castle, Gossip Girl, Violet to Earth, Wed Locked, Red Hook, and The Knights of Prosperity,” with the Star Designer, Nabil Hayari!

Louis Gossett Jr, an Oscar Winner for the Movie “Roots.” Also known for the, “Batman, Star gate Sg-1, The Invaders, Cowboy Africa, Bill Cosby Show, Freeman, Visions, Inside, Deceived, The Color of Love, Stephen King’s Dead Zone, Momentum, Buttermilk Sky, Olive Branch, Cottonwood, Robeson, A Fighting man, Boiling Pot, Pride of lions, One more River to Cross, The Home….Etc,” and our Star Designer, Nabil Hayari!

Ever dream of having a collection of these unique gowns and gorgeous fragrances? Don’t worry, all your dreams will come true, if only you can  believe, because Dreams do come True…….Anyways, the House of Hayari  is not only known for their sophistication but also for Chic and Sexy outfits. This Fashion House exudes class and Sophistication. And the campaign in recent years includes full and heavily embroidered sumptuous gowns with an embodiment of Class, Sophistication and Timeless Beauty.

The Star Designer, Nabil Hayari with Stephanie Henry, the Author of “If Only l Could Sleep.”

Actress Blanca Blanco of Star Trek Equinox: The night time, Sensory Perception, Crimes of the mind, Spreading Darkness, Death Dream, and American Romance adorned in a Gorgeous Hayari Exquisite Gown!

Although, there is no straight line from Paris, France, to New York, New York, or to Beverly Hills, California, or to Milan, Italy, or to Moscow, Russia, or to London, England, but the fact is that Hayari Paris reaches all those areas with the Classy, Charming, and Exquisite Collections of Gorgeous Gowns and the irresistible trio perfumes designed in their Fabulous Parisian based Fashion House.

“The essence of style is how you live your life; what you do with your life.”
Oscar De La Renta