Lola Scents is an influencer on perfumes who was contacted by an online niche perfume store called ScentCity, and she was really interested to talk about the brand Hayari Paris, so she picked the perfume Fehom from the rose collection.

Hayari Paris is a French designer brand known for their beautiful gowns that they make, and they do have 15 perfumes in their collection with four kind of sub collections.

“FEHOM is an oriental floral fragrance. It is described with the following notes: balsamic, amber, floral, spicy, vanilla and that’s knotted really good to me. “ 

When she sprays she getting the principal thing: an intense powderiness.

It smell cardamom, cinnamon, and it start to smell something sweet,  like vanilla and benzoin, with maybe a little bit of an amber smell. As this dries down worn, this herbal scent starts to emerge.

” I really didn’t know where it came from and it was a little bit odd at first, I was thinking that’s kind of an odd pairing to throw this kind of herbaceous smell in with all the other components but I did get used to it and it actually is something that I look forward to when I smell this. After 15 or 20 minutes that settles quickly and then I’m really left with something that I enjoy. “

As the fragrance progresses with the herbal notes, Lola smells the rose perfume. She smelling a really subtle pink rose when this does dry on her skin. As far as longevity, she would see this is average it lasted about 5 hours!

Lola tried Hayari French Perfumes

 “I did enjoy this fragrance. It’s something that I think is interesting, something that I don’t have anything like in my collection.”

She also discovered other famous fragrances of the Maison: 

“The first one caught me off guard because I’m not a huge fan of rose fragrances but this one I found is just done really well. It’s called Rose chic and it’s just a simple green of rose fragrance but it’s just done really well and I really enjoy that one a lot. 

There’s another one called Source Joyeuse number 3 and this is one I enjoyed because it’s fruity and tart, there’s some rhubard which I love and citrus so I really enjoyed this one I think this would be really good for summertime.

I have tested Esprit Infini. It is a kind of animalic fragrances. This one I think if you enjoy Oud bouquet from Lancôme, this is one you’re really like. It’s kind of in that same style and I did enjoy this one. 

And the last one is called Only For Her, this one is kind of like a just basic oriental floral fragrance but again done well it smells really good.

So those are the ones I liked.”