Last show Hayari in Sniffapalooza 2013 in New-York City, an olfactory and multi-sensory experience 2 November 2013

Last show Hayari in Sniffapalooza 2013 in New-York City, an olfactory and multi-sensory experience

Karen Dubin, Founder & Director of Sniffapalooza, successful Sniffapalooza this October began in Bergdorf Goodman.
From “Our scented weekend was jam packed with the discovery of new perfumes, new friends, new ideas, and delicious food! Here are a few highlights of Saturday’s events, in images. Many thanks to Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, Il Gattopardo, Krigler Perfumery, and Twisted Lily for being part of our incredible weekend!”
Tom Crutchfield of Roja Dove, Bergdorf Goodman Breakfast; Francis Kurkdjian; Bergdorf Goodman main perfume counter; Nabil Hayari at Henri Bendel; Perfume counter, Henri Bendel; Sniffapalooza Luncheon fruit tart with pistachio gelato dessert, Il Gattopardo; Last two photos – Twisted Lily, Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn”
First presentation was Roja Dove: ( Tom Crutchfield )
“A sensory haven of fragrance; it is the most inspiring, distinctive and lavish perfumery anywhere. Roja Dove is the fragrance connoisseur’s connoisseur.
Every item is selected by Roja himself; they are fragrances that he believes to be innovative, directional and of true quality”
Tom Ford”
Secondly, Amouage present last fragrances: Founded over a quarter of a century ago, Amouage is a niche luxury fragrance house that draws inspiration from its birthplace of the Sultanate of Oman, infusing reference points from a rich and colorful heritage that fires the imagination of all who come into contact with its wonderful products.
Then, we had the chance to listen Joseph Garces from Robert Piguet Parfums. “Acknowledged by peers, the women he dressed, and the press as “the most Parisian of fashion designers”, Robert Piguet, while programmed to be a financier, was, in fact, destined to become one of the legendary figures of haute couture. .. It has been observed that Piguet’s perfumes – Bandit, Fracas and Baghari, “have a particular feel, very characteristic of his trademarks: strict adherence to good taste, true luxury, a horror of the commonplace and an innate sense of seduction” True classics of timeless beauty and value that endure far beyond season and trend.”
Atelier Cologne has presented too last news. “Atelier: A workshop or studio, specifically of an artist, artisan, or designer. A place for the execution of handcrafts or to practice arts and leisure; a place where an artist creates his body of art.Cologne: The original eau de cologne was created three hundred years ago by an Italian perfumer established in Cologne, Germany. His fresh blend of citrus oils captured the memory of his homeland. It offered a revolutionary alternative to the heavy scents of the times and inspired a new way to wear personal fragrance.Atelier Cologne, creator of the Cologne AbsolueAtelier Cologne is the first fragrance house entirely dedicated to the legendary perfumery classic, cologne. The creators, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, gave birth to a new olfactive family,  the « Cologne Absolue ». Combining innovative constructions and extremely high concentrations, Cologne Absolue is a cologne of character exalting the magical freshness of cologne coupled with the lasting power of eau de parfum. Each Cologne Absolue tells the story of treasured emotions and powerful memories.”

As per the Sniffapalooza website, (Event Review The Fragrant Man)

“Sniffapalooza Events occur several times a year and draw hundreds of kindred spirits, both men and women, of all age ranges. Members meet perfumers, representatives from fragrance houses, fragrance journalists, authors and celebrities.”

Sniffapalooza events are held in the the USA, Zurich, Lisbon, Barcelona, Grasse, London, Florence, and Paris.

More, Ramon Monegal ‘s daughter present her brand : “Ramón Monegal comes from a long and distinguished line of the most important perfumers in Barcelona and Spain. He represents the fourth generation of the founders of the house of Myrurgia, which was the official purveyor of the Spanish Royal Family, and the most important international perfumer in Spain.”

During lunch, Nabil Hayari from Hayari Parfums present the last news, specially the next launch of a 100 ml for the trilogy Only For Her, Broderie and Goldy.

From “You never know what you are getting yourself into when you agree to present at an event you’ve never been to before. At Sniffapalooza, we were pleasantly surprised by the caliber of people and their shared passion and knowledge about the fragrance business, and the innovations currently manifesting themselves within our business. Lots of intellectual people who love fragrance and love to learn about fragrances and why they were created. Inspiration abounds. Conversation of florals and fruits, sweets and musks, exotics and comforts, outdoors and wild, chic and oceans…there is so much to learn about the variety of notes in a fragrance and the complexity of the layers within each fragrance. A healthy mix of chemistry and instinct combined for fun ways to create blends that are juicy and attractive, for instance.”

The lineup was an interesting mix of people from various parts of the industry but the common bond everyone shared was their love for fine fragrance.

Speaker Lineup

#House of Sillage – David Rueda

#Just Bloom – Blair Bloom

#Maria Candida Gentile, Maitre Parfumeur

#Bergamot Box – Jason Fried

#Hayari Parfums – Nabil Hayari

#Ghost Food – Miriam Songster

#Mikey & Momo Aromaflage – Michael & Melissa Fensterstock

#Family & Children’s Agency, Fairfield County – Stacy Holmen

#Make Perfume Not War – Vicken Arslanian

#Midnight Promise Giveaway – Gordon Schaye

#Goodsmellas – Carlos Powell, Rich Scardaville

With François Damide from Crafting Beauty, distributor of Hayari Fragrances for US and Canada, and Sophie Bennaroudj

Finally, we were pleased to meet Michelyn Camen

“The gorgeous Michelyn Camen, Publisher, Editor in Chief and Art Director from Cafleurebon.  Smart, charming and as nice as can be, I’m so glad we had a chance to meet.” (from )

Last but not least, we spend a wonderful evening in Brooklyn hosted by Twisted Lily, you can watch the video of Frunkinator.