From my childhood in Italy, I recall the scents of talcum powder everywhere in the bathroom, of warm bread coming all day from bakeries along the streets, and of camphor from the barbershop. They triggered my imagination. Then it was an Acqua di Parma, followed by my first Hermes and more recently AMBRE nuit by Dior. Back then and still now, I have the impression of entering a new dimension. Perfumes take me by surprise, their beauty moves me. They give me incredible pleasure.

What we are doing today with La Belle Parfumerie at Printemps is very brave. We are invested in the vision of recreating the magical world of perfumes and the emotions attached to them, which involves searching constantly for the right perfumes, taking the time to test them, falling in love with them.

Acquiring a perfume is going to be a unique experience again, and we are proud to share this with our perfumers

Paolo de Cesare

Chairman & cCEO of Printemps

From the very beginning when Printemps opened in 1865, the creative visionary Jules Jaluzot, imprinted a strong and original identity on the great store. This was nothing short of extraordinarily revolutionary during that era, when fashion and beauty were combined in the same place for the first time, Printemps made an absolutely innovative promise, proclaiming that everything must be “fashionable, beautiful, elegant”

The articles in the perfumery and glove range were then very much in vogue, and colognes were all the rage. Scents including the La Charmeuse and La Souveraine colognes, Lemon-balm water, heather or violet scented eau de toilette, all were signed up by Printemps! The greatest and finest perfume houses such Lubin, Coty, Molyneux, Lanvin and Pivert, were immediately featured at Printemps when they set up, and were later joined by other luminary houses such as Caron Chanel, Christian Dior, Jean PAtou, and Marcel Rochas.

With new brands, new patterns of consumption and the development of niche brands, beauty evolved very rapidly. In 2003, Printemps created the largest sapce dedicaced to beauty, and again in 2007 the department store set up another innovative and original area exclusively devoted to the rarest fragrances, la Scent Room.

Printemps has continued to innovate in excellence using talent scouts and initiators of new concepts. Today, with the strength of history that links it with perfume, Printmeps is taking on the challenge of honoring centuries-old expertise and one of the best French traditions by creating La Belle Parfumerie, a magical place of dreams and unique experiences.

Extraordinary positioning and brillant staging are provided for exceptionnal perfumes, among which are included perfume houses that reveal themselves through their history and composer.