Japan 4 November 2016

With this new collection, Nabil Hayari invites you to discover a universe directly inspired from Japan, where tradition meets modernity and symbolic keys of the brand.


Always on trend, these bags combine practicality thanks to its size and three zippered pockets and a stylish side with a timeless form, which are embroidered details directly inspired by the traditional Japanese culture: cherry blossom, a popular symbol in Japan, represents life and the beauty of women, and birds are symbols of longevity.


Seeking to combine comfort and look, these models always in limited edition, highlight the expertise of HAYARI PARIS.

The finest materials are always selected to give a guarantee of quality to the product: the bags are leather, lined with suede highlight the acronym HAYARI PARIS, and the whole is decorated with a shoulder news channels.


Designed for all women, classic and daring, these bags will embellish their outfits by adding an exotic touch of colour, ranging from traditional black to yellow through pink, more daring.

Scarves and jewellery will complete these tropical inspired looks.