Hayari Paris Fragrance Collection is a Couture-Inspired One, by the AdviceSisters 25 May 2013

Hayari Paris Fragrance Collection is a Couture-Inspired One, by the AdviceSisters

Presentation is one of the things that truly entices people to purchase a new bottle of scent, especially if they already have a few, or many.   When it comes to fragrances  by Hayari-Paris (Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz. srp. $145,00), the white and gold metallic outer carton broadcasts that this is going to be unique, before you even smell the fragrance.  For example,  the carton opens not in the traditional way, from the top, but unfolds to the sides, revealing the flacon inside like a precious flower, in bloom.
I sheepishly admit that the packaging, immediately captivated me!
Couture designer Nabil Hayari graduated from the prestigious Haute Couture school in Lyon, France, called Sup de Mode.  His designs are glamorous, with embellishments of crystal beads, lace, chiffon, silk, taffeta — all of the pretty things a women’s dreams are made of.  Like many designers, Nayari wanted to create fragrances that reflected, and complimented, his designs.  Currently, there are three: Goldy, Only for Her, and Broderie.
Each of the bottles is clear glass, featuring a dozen facets along the sides to turn the flat, rounded flacon into a precious gem. The cap is glass, not the usual, inexpensive plastic, but clear glass, cut in a classic, square, shape. The metal appointments are, naturally, gold.  Each “unit” is numbered to show the exclusivity of the product.
I was sent one of these precious potions for review; Broderie.  The word “broderie” is an old needlework term that incorporates embroidery, cutwork and needle lace in very intricate designs.  It’s very beautiful and a perfectly fitting name for this lovely fragrance.
Broderie, the fragrance, is categorized as a light fruity floral, created by Sidonie Lancesseur of Robertet. But is is complex. The fragrance starts with a bright top note of mandarin peach, with middle notes containing lys and gardenia incense. The base, however, adds the designer touch (and a bit of sensuality), containing notes of sandalwood, patchouli oil and amber.  You can immediately smell the florals, but they quickly and artfully mix with the other notes to create something very feminine and quite glamorous, but also, very wearable.  I would consider Broderie to be a night-time or date-night scent, but a subtle hint of it applied during the day would be alluring and not at all inappropriate.
The two other fragrances I smelled only on testers.   “Only for Her,” is a feminine and classic scent that is really great for daytime wear.  I liked the softness, but it is a bit powdery.  What makes it very pretty is that it also has some spice.   The top notes are grapefruit and freesia; middle notes are jasmine, cardamom, magnolia and peony; base notes are sandalwood, patchouli and vanille.
Goldy,”  has notes of   artemesia, rosemary, a heart of  White Jasmine, narcissus and Orange Blossom, plus a base of  Sandalwood, Musk, and Cedar. It’s very intense and obviously special occasion oriented. I am not a personal fan of narcissus, but it’s definitely a crowd pleaser.
One of the nice things about these fragrances is that they are not just pretty to wear, but you won’t find yourself sniffing it on everyone else. You’ll be an elegant, original!  Hayari is not just precious, it is not sold just anywhere,  You can find it in New York City at Henri Bendel, CO Bigelow and the New London Pharmacy, in Beverly Hills, California, it’s also at Savvy Apothecary.  You can also learn more about the Hayari trio of fragrances on the Hayari website (don’t forget to oogle the gowns, too)!

From Basenotes.net:


Charming, Luxurious, and Classy.

Pros: It has a rich quality,  fresh smell and ultra-feminine!

Cons: Used only occassionally, not everyday!

Broderie, is a perfume that is highly sophisticated, kind of Classy, and famously known as “the Jewels” of the body. It is very rare and you can hardly see another perfume that has similar smell. It is usually used only during big events or on someone’s special day.  For people that wants to make an impression, this is a perfume of Choice. It is very luxurious and charming, at the sametime soft and sexy! I love this perfume for so many reasons, especially for its uniqueness!!



Rich, Sweet, and Luscious.

Pros: Natural and fruity!

Cons: Very Exclusive!

Goldy, is a perfume that when used draws a lot of attention, making it an eye-catching and head-turning fragrance. It evokes a soothing feeling, and brings a level of comfort to the person wearing it. It is a very elegant and sexy perfume, and makes the user to feel very special. It’s very unique and also a One-of-a-Kind fragrance that evokes Luxury. I recommend Goldy to be used as a Gift to someone very special to your heart, especially your very Rich and Affluent relatives and friends. It is also a perfume you can use to pamper yourself for personal indulgence. I also recommend Goldy to be used in SPAs and Retreat Centers  just to make the Women receiving beauty treatments to feel and look beautiful!


Only For Her:

Only For her fragrance is seductive, appealing and enchanting!

Pros: Long lasting smell, soft, flowery, and all season!

Cons: Size is only 50 ml!

“Only for Her” perfume is a fragrance for modern, stylish and powerful women. It’s seductive, appealing and makes one to stand out. If you ever want a personal indulgence, “Only For Her,” is a perfume for you. I have used this perfume more than a year now, and l am always satisfied with the attention level l get everywhere. Only for her opens doors for me. If l have an important business meeting, all l do is to splash the fragrance all over my body. When l walk into the conference room, the first discussing usually is What are you wearing? And l will answer,”Only For Her,” by Hayari Paris. Another thing l like most, is the Confidence level it gives, it makes one to feel very confident and rest assured. I have found the perfume of my dreams and l am not searching anymore, because l am fully settled!!