By Afoma Eguh-Okafor

Hayari Parfums Paris, the Famous French Fashion House based in Paris once again  launched the latest Trio UNISEX LUXURY perfumes known as, “Rose Chic,” “Amour Elegant,” and “FeHOM” in Milan, during Esxence 2015. The latest collection is added  to the previously created Trio female fragrances “Only For Her,” “Broderie,” and “Goldy,” and Duo male fragrances “Only For Him,” and “Le Paradis De L’Homme,” which are already making waves Worldwide, bringing the whole Hayari Paris Parfum collections, to a total of eight beautiful, sweet smelling, elegant,  and chic fragrances.

Hayari Paris

Designer Hayari created the new Rose fragrances which signifies Beauty, Elegance, and Love. The sweet and sensual Rose Collections are inspired by a walk in the Rose Garden of Bagatelle in Paris, where Marie Antoinette spent so many hours, reading, and writing  poems of Love, and also utilized as part of her Beauty treatment.

Hayari Paris is very Unique for it’s exponential growth pattern, because there is always something new going on with this enchanting Fashion House. And this time around, it’s the creation of the Luxury UNISEX perfumes.

While interviewing Monsieur Hayari about the new collections recently, he said, “ROSES ARE A SYMBOL OF LOVE, and whether it is feminine or masculine, it has been the flower of Beauty for ages.” “My Love for Beauty have propelled me to imagine and create these signature fragrances that evokes “Luxury,” “Glamour,” “Elegance,” and “Class” he purported. While exhaling, he continued in his sweet French accent, “In fact, l  have always had a dream to make the World so beautiful by creating exquisite masterpieces, including Fragrances. And today, my Dreams have come true, mostly, because  l have incorporated men into my World,” he said.

And l agree with  designer Hayari because, everything about the Fashion House is inspired by gorgeous women, and today men are also a part of the dream.

Hayari Paris

Designer Hayari’s great Success in capturing the Women’s World, motivated him to create fragrances  to capture  both the men and the Women in a totally different way. This is because Monsieur Hayari knows the Divine secret that everyone wants to feel good and look good, he once again achieved his aim by creating these glamorous “UNISEX” Fragrances. The new fragrances are purely Rose,  and mainly, Rose de Mai or Rosa Centifolia from Grasse, South of France. Partly because of the inspiration he drew from the Rose Garden of Chateau de Bagatelle  and partly because of the influence of famous Celebrities the designer loves who were acquainted with Rose gardens like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Maria Callas.

Hayari Paris

Monsieur Hayari makes stylish gowns with elaborate ornaments, gowns that bestows a sense of subtle elegance, designed and adorned with Class and Sophistication. He uses luxury materials overlaying and draping them into shape with intricate detailings.  And today, Hayari gowns has been in every Red Carpet Event in Hollywood, likewise Hayari Parfums, especially “Only For Her.” Also,  Hayari’s Bridal Gowns,  Cocktail gowns , Beauty Pageants Evening gowns,  and  gowns for a casual romantic evening has been seen all over the World.

Hayari Paris

Just like each gown has a story behind it, each perfume is also created with a story behind it. Sidonnie Lancesseur nose at “Robertet” is the nose for the Trio Rose Collections. He created the exceptional Rose Collections revealing different facets of the fragrances step by step as a fragrance shall not unveil all its secrets straight away, and this is symbolic  of  Hayari’s Perfume lovers different personalities.

Hayari Paris

Rose Chic – Mainly contains Rose de Mai, from Grasse, South of France. Rose Chic will make you transcend to the land of make believe, and you will continually smell like a heavenly fresh cut bouquet. Head notes: Tangerine and Freesia, Heart Notes: Rose de Mai, Lily of the Valley, Base Notes: Sandal Wood, and White Musk Amber.

Amour Elegant – This is “Hayari’s Love Portion,” that will seduce and enchant you. It will give you a Wild, passionate, and enduring Romance that can never be forgotten. Head Notes: Bergamote and Pink Pepper, Heart Notes: Rose Absolute and Jasmine, Base Notes: Leather and Patchouli.

FeHOM – FeHom in French means Men and Women, this love spell captivates both males and females equally. It’s a reassuring scent that draws the expensive taste of modern day living. Head Notes: Cardamon and Juniper Berries, Heart Notes: Rose Absolute and Sandal Wood, Base Notes: Benzoin and Vanilla Amber.

Anyways, l have worn these unique fragrances and l must say, they are Timeless, Intriguing, Alluring and Enchanting like Hayari’s previous fragrances. Yes, they are undeniably “ICONIC.” I actually got confused while splashing them on my body because l couldn’t choose my choice. And this is because they are all beautiful in different ways. I know people have different preferences, but l also know that  any Perfume Lover will be thrilled by any of these Trio new Rose fragrances.

Summarizingly, the Chance to create something is always a special opportunity. It’s always nice to be honored for a job well done, at this moment, l must give my heart felt congratulations to these Moguls, Nabil Hayari, and Hugues Alard, The God-fathers of Hayari Paris!