Fragrances by the talented designer inspired by his gowns and memories of distant lands : Odes of Love To the Hayari Woman 20 November 2013

Fragrances by the talented designer inspired by his gowns and memories of distant lands : Odes of Love To the Hayari Woman

Export Magazine October 2013 page 76

His global travels, his couture collections and magical encounters have allowed Nabil Hayari to transpose his talent from the luxury world of couture to the equally glamorous and elegant world of perfume.
Three floral fragrances have been created with this inspiration, embodying the spirit and traditional savoir-faire of the French couture house. Each one is inspired by one
of the designer’s gowns as well as olfactory memories of distant lands. Essences from various continents, concentrates of their fragrant landscapes and true extracts of women’s elegance and beauty make the three Hayari Paris fragrances odes of love to the three facets of the Hayari woman.
Only For Her is subtle, elegant and sensual. The ultra-feminine draped silk bustier embodies the fragrance’s sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli base notes, bringing depth to the perfume. On the shoulder, white silk organza magnolias and peonies give birth to the heart of the fragrance while the Swarkovski jewels sublimate the gown calling for
the radiant top notes of freesia and grapefruit. From the gown to the fragrance the woman who wears Only For Her is stylish, timeless and unique with a trendy, elegant touch.
Broderie is an unforgettable graceful dream, inspired by the embroideries of a gown. The dreamy lily and gardenia notes of this romantic fragrance, emphasized by the
subtle and delicate essences of mandarin and peach recall the gown’s coral embroideries. Like an invitation on an unforgettable journey, the sensual trail of patchouli and
amber scents responds to the unique silk organza train. This precious fragrance embodies the ultra-feminine look and extremely elegant embroidered drape of this couture gown.
Goldy is more than a fragrance, it is a style. This red carpet secret accessory is for strong independent, glamorous woman. The corseted elegance of the bustier is embodied by the heart notes of narcissus and white jasmine, while the glamorous floral details on the shoulder call for unique Artemisia and rosemary top notes. Finally, the long floating silk mousseline train is illuminated by the mysterious sandalwood, musk and cedar trail of the fragrance. Goldy is like a couture gown, a whirlwind of scents embodying the delicious complexity of women, passionate, seductive and mysterious in turn. A fairy-tale fragrance for modern princesses who love the French style and elegance.
The sumptuous gowns and elegant perfumes have already conquered the red carpets and in New York the 2013 Member’s Choice Package Design for Crafting Beauty went to
Hayari Parfums’ Goldy at the CITY (Cosmetic Innovator of the Year) awards.