Discover the New Trilogy Hayari Parfums Paris soon available in exclusivity.

Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard wanted to redesign 50 ml fragrances’ bottles so as to convey Couture identity a step further; As to launch the Eaux de Parfums line, Nabil Hayari became aware of Sylvie de France’s refinement, sophistication and talent in designing fragrance bottles (ie. Repetto’s or Elie Saab’s perfume bottles, Elle L’Aime de Lolita Lempicka) and asked her to accompany Hayari Paris in the designing process. The specifications were as follows:

We absolutely wanted to preserve the 12-faceted shape of our original perfume bottle: while illustrating the many facets of the HAYARI woman, the bottle expresses the opulence of a precious stone.

We wished to engrave the HAYARI’seal “H”within the glass of the bottle.

The glass had to meet the highest standards in terms of thickness, cutting and engraving so as to convey the elegance and refinement of our precious fragrances.

About the fragrances:

«This unique this unique fragrance is an homage to the French classic elegance, opening with fruity notes and drying down gracefully onto a velvet bed of patchouli, sandalwood and creamy vanilla. »
Feel glamorous, seductive and sensual, wearing ONLY FOR HER
Subtle, elegant, lush and sexy, the oriental trail of ONLY FOR HER, combined with a floral bouquet of white peonies and magnolias, will cast a spell on you!
Nabil Hayari joined forces with Sidonie Lancesseur (Robertet) to develop this airy yet intense original fragrance, with the aim of transposing the universe of HAYARI Paris to the prestigious and demanding world of perfume. This is an ultra-feminine universe, one of gowns with elegant HAYARI Paris drapes.
ONLY FOR HER is the final touch to the resolutely chic and fashionable style of the Hayari woman.
Its elegant scent releases an irresistible, generous fragrance, sweet like a sun-gorged grapefruit with a very feminine floral touch, thanks to the delicate blend of Egyptian jasmine, peony and magnolia. Beneath these fresh notes, there are hints of the warm and sensual fragrances of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla, completing this captivating aromatic harmony with a flourish.
First fragrance created by Nabil Hayari, ONLY FOR HER reveals the full complexity of all contemporary princesses in all their sparkling, dynamic and seductive glory.

« This woody-powdery fragrance evokes a wealth of influences, including glamorous vintage couture, refinement and extravagance, the very definition of luxury. »
Floral and powdery, GOLDY will reveal the « femme fatale » within you.
Just as precious stones set on a superb piece of jewellery, GOLDY’s “combination of spellbinding white jasmine with fresh and playful orange blossom”, musk and cedar will soon become the ultimate accessory in terms of elegance and sensuality.
Parisian chic takes on a whole new meaning with this fragrance by HAYARI Paris. Of all the aspects of a woman, GOLDY undoubtedly symbolizes her elegance and the art of living that embodies French-style luxury throughout the world. True to its vision for stunning gowns, the hallmark of HAYARI Paris is the remarkable style perfection, so it should come as no surprise that the City of Light has always been known as the world capital of fashion.
This captivating blend of white jasmine and orange blossom provides a glimpse into a woman’s beauty and personality. As the sandalwood, musk and cedar base notes unfold, mysterious secrets are revealed one by one in a cascade of delicate woody scents.
According to Nabil Hayari, GOLDY is the fragrance of the most beautiful evening gowns, adding an ultimate, irresistible touch, like a secret that shimmers above the velvety yet dazzling atmosphere of the most prestigious red carpet events.

« The inspiration for this fragrance is embroidery and lace, which Mr. Hayari uses within his collections, because they have been the most elegant and glamorous textile for centuries. As such, it evokes delicacy, femininity, sexiness, glamour and oh so French! »
Ultra-feminine, dreamy and romantic?
Women who wear Broderie by Hayari Paris are not afraid to reveal the delicate side of their dazzling beauty. Feminine and elegant in all circumstances, these women have a complex personality and unique character which is brilliantly expressed through a majestic blend of grace and freedom. With this rich and subtle fragrance, HAYARI Paris tenders a new ode to absolute femininity.
Resolutely luxurious, this perfume created by Nabil Hayari and inspired by his passion for women combines the symbols of purity and fidelity which are, respectively, lily and gardenia. These delicate fragrances are completed by the powerful and sensual fragrances of sandalwood, amber and patchouli. Surprising and captivating, this perfume is an unforgettably fragrant experience.
Broderie – a precious and ultra-feminine scent – the name in itself is a tribute to tradition and savoir-faire. Beneath its fragrant notes lies the promise of high quality substance and an exceptionally elegant style. It is the perfume of a refined woman who also has a wild side, a modern woman who, while strong, defends her values in the same way as she gives her love: with a gentleness and a charm which make her quite simply, a heroine.