Cuba, dreams and inspirations 3 August 2016

Cuba, this beautiful Caribbean island who was left a little aside for a few years, recently became more and more fashionable.

With its blue and clear sea, its historic architecture and its collection of old cars, it’s a trip in the 50s with a paradise flavour and that gives us so many emotions.

The couturier Nabil Hayari did not remain indifferent to the charm of this beautiful country. Cuba inspired him to create three small purses, which the public could discover at our last fashion show on July 7 at the Hotel George V in Paris.


The manufacture of these luxury handbags and of the other bags of the Hayari Paris goes through three very important steps. The first step is to transform the creator drawings in a patronage. When this is validated by the designer, the craftsman cut the necessary pieces of leather. The fittings, which are the decorative elements of the bag, as the handle, the shoulder strap are then prepared. Lastly, everything is assembled to become the finished bag. This procedure can last from 3 to 5 days for a single bag.



Handmade in the pure tradition of artisan leather workers, the three small bags are in colors which suggest a sunset over the ocean and adorned with sequins sewn one by one, who represent exotic birds come from the Cuban islands.

Nabil Hayari was not the only one to succumb to the charm of Cuba; Chanel was inspired and presented its 2016-17 cruise parade in Havana, capital of Cuba. The Kardashian sisters and Kanye West also traveled to Cuba with their families for a magical moment and a flashback into the history.