Intriguing, exquisite, timeless… HAYARI Paris’ diptych of handcrafted fragrances for men has been developed in collaboration with women, who have themselves fallen under their attractive and seductive spell.

Confronting and combining wood with leather to express the two sides of one’s personality, the duo unveils two sets of emotions as both perfumes’ notes unravel and intertwine.

The fragrances’ 12-facets numbered bottles, assembled to couture standards and cradled in a unique blossoming case, express the harmony between the opulence of a jewel and the fragility of a flower and reflect the luxury and exclusivity of the scents.

Composed of natural raw materials of an exceptional quality, ONLY FOR HER, Broderie, GOLDY, ONLY FOR HIM and Le Paradis de l’Homme are long lasting, sensual, exhilarating…


Only for Him

As an echo to the ever so glamorous Only for Her, ONLY FOR HIM’s woody and smoky exhalations embody the most elegant Parisian dandy…

Le Paradis de l’Homme

Le Paradis de l’Homme embodies contemporary men, their strength, their love and sensuality…


HAYARI PARIS found its inspiration from Sheherazade’s One Thousand and One Nights tales, which used to fascinate the sultan every evening before he fell into sleep.