A UNIQUE COLLECTION…An olfactory myth comes from the very depth of our own origin and the primal animal and plant natural world.


Remaning true to the spirit of the last Haute Couture fashion show at George V. Paris that paid homage to the graceful beauty of French gardens; Hayari Paris, with the unmistakable imprint of its creators, has deciced to highlight a wilder version of our world and to awaken our subtle senses.

Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard drew inspriraton from what they have seen and from the people they have met. An aspiration to showcase our origin in its purest form and its quintessence, by choosing predators and the fascination we have for them while preserving a mystic and spiritual aspect for each fragrance.


A perfume with a true courageous attitude that will allow you to over-come all barriers

This divine cocktail opens a strong connection between you and the spirit

A homage to mother earth that has birthed us all, the very source without which nothing on the ground or ine the air would have ever existed

Discover Esprit Infini spirit