Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard, in the spirit of the yearly renewal of fashion collection, opted for a new fragrant start with the launch of three “eaux fraiches”, which radiate the savoir-faire and the prestige of Hayari Paris. The finest fabrics, indispensable raw materials for the Hayari Paris glamour dresses, prime the inspiration for the trilogy.

The ‘toile de Jouy’, one of the fabrics manufactured by the Jouy workshops in Jouy-en-Josas near Versailles since the 18th century, symbolizes the French art and tradition. Such fabrics printed with colored floral patterns uniquely illuminate the three fragrances. While the fabrics narrate exotic stories, the choice of the featured ingredients provides the style.

Harvested and carefully selected in the south of France, the ingredients underline the sublime and inspiring nature of the perfume created by Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard. Fittingly called “Source Joyeuse”, the first new fragrance is presented as citrus and mint based perfume. The second version is a more aromatic one and the third one completes the unisex trilogy by a fruity indulgence.

A new bottle engraved with the logo of the brand symbolizes elegance, and is encased in a unique cylindrical case.

Hayari Paris pays homage to French gallantry.

HAYARI- An Exceptional Rose Perfume Collection

INSPIRATION… unique fragrances for outstanding women

After a triptych of female fragrances and a diptych of male fragrances, Nabil HAYARI and Hugues ALARD are honored to unveil a new chapter in the history of HAYARI Parfums Paris with a new collection of three fragrances inspired by the Rose.

Roses are the symbol of love whether it be feminine or masculine and it has been the flower of beauty for ages.

In order to better capture these characteristics true to our values, we mainly focused on selecting the best ingredients available while developing the fragrances, focusing mainly in the Rose de Mai (or Rosa × Centifolia).

We really wanted to take on a new perspective and broaden the use of rose oil by giving it a modern twist, adding a lot of character into the preparation, all with an innovative presentation.

These aspirations once brought to maturity lead to fragrances infused with a strong personality, full of both contrast and contradiction due to their ingredients and a lingering scent as unique as the person wearing them.

One of the first ideas for this collection was inspired by a walk in the Rose Garden of Bagatelle in Paris, on the lands of Marie Antoinette who spent many hours in the garden. Today it is a real Parisian paradise that offers come Spring, a large variety of delicate roses.

This quiet location is conducive to constantly moving inspiration, thanks to events such as the annual International competition for new roses, which is evocative of the world of HAYARI Couture also varying and evolving at every season.

Another inspiring feature of this rose garden, one of the oldest in France, can be found in our fragrances as with HAYARI Couture: Celebrity names are forever associated with roses and what could be more exciting than to feel, to contemplate the Maria Callas Rose, the Audrey Hepburn Rose or the Marilyn Monroe Rose.

Out of all these colorful roses, the most absolute rose oil moved us to imagine three unisex fragrances, festive blends evocative of luxury, of sensuality and more importantly of freedom.

Often associated with a more feminine range of perfumes, we really wanted to introduce three fragrances with contradictory aspects that would allow for everyone to wear these three creations.

The language of flowers is a universal one in which the rose, with its petals as velvety as the texture of our skin and its intoxicating essences as overpowering as the strong and impetuous impulses of our heart, can express a wide range of emotions from simple to complex.

Our three fragrances represent three facets of the rose that we wanted full of symbolism.

We first decided to begin working on the authentic  Rose de Mai (or Rosa × Centifolia), cultivated in Grasse, because it is the most pure concentration of the essence of a rose.

Under the name “Rose CHIC” one finds pure rose absolute and hints of equally sought after ingredients that help in highlighting the most secret aspect of the rose.

Secondly, we wanted to express the different facets of love, especially dangerous and spicy love between people who inspired us for the olfactory pyramid of this creation. This is why we created a spicier rose and gave the name “Amour ELEGANT” to this fragrance.

It is through Sidonie Lancesseur, nose at Robertet and her work that we were able to bring all these different notes into harmony.

The last aspect that we wanted to present is that of an amber colored rose, a flaming multifaceted rose, expressed through a blend of ingredients and the corresponding fragrance name, also the result of a mix of words: “FeHOM” a perfume that can be worn by both Men and Women (Femme and Homme in French).

Finally, again with the most perfect finish in mind, we wanted to encapsulate these fragrances in our bottles with the “H” engraved as usual, only this time on colored varnish so as to preserve the privacy of our fragrances.

These bottles are nestled in a flower-shaped box to better represent this triptych rose perfume collection.

Rose Chic

Blooming and festive, yet always true to the heart.

Amour Elegant

Surrender to the seducing enchantments of this love potion.
Floral and spicy, Amour Elegant will cast a spell on you and your lover.


Essence created for the witty, ambitious and cosmopolitan.


Floral and powdery, GOLDY will reveal the « femme fatale » within you…

Only For Her

First fragrance created by Nabil Hayari, ONLY FOR HER reveals the full complexity of all contemporary princesses…


Ultra-feminine, dreamy and romantic, BRODERIE is an ode to femininity…

Only for Him

As an echo to the ever so glamorous Only for Her, ONLY FOR HIM’s woody and smoky exhalations embody the most elegant Parisian dandy…

Le Paradis de l’Homme

Le Paradis de l’Homme embodies contemporary men, their strength, their love and sensuality…


HAYARI PARIS found its inspiration from Sheherazade’s One Thousand and One Nights tales, which used to fascinate the sultan every evening before he fell into sleep.

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