Nabil Hayari, the rising star of Haute Couture: Hayari Paris

Nabil HayariNabil Hayari was drawn to the world of fashion from a very early age. Very quickly, his path led him to one of France’s prestigious fashion schools where he finished at the top of his class and where his talents caught the eye of the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne. Exceptionally talented, Nabil soon became creative director at a fashion house in the famous Parisian “Golden Triangle” district where he remained for 5 years.

Young and ambitious, Nabil decided to create his own label in 2009, with the aim of bringing to life the type of gowns which women have always dreamed of wearing. His expertise has enabled him to create exquisite designs, dressing top models and princesses. To take his creations a step further, Nabil associates them with the jewelry of Peter Lang, who himself works with celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue, Pink and Beyonce Knowles.

Designing dream creations for these women is just par for the course for this in-vogue Parisian designer.

Each creation has its own universe. . .

Crystal beads, lace, chiffon drapes… All these materials come together and are brought to life thanks to the expertise of Nabil Hayari. These magical and elegant collections are the direct result of French savoir-faire, combining the precision of structured cuts with the elegance of traditional luxury.

A woman’s natural beauty is perfectly enhanced by a Nabil Hayari gown. Wearing a creation from the couturier’s private collection or one of his made-to-measure designs, a woman can be confident of success at even the most sumptuous events. In a genuine tribute to grace and feminine beauty, all of Nabil Hayari’s unique creations are born of the very essence of women’s dreams, for a wedding or an evening, combining luxury and elegance. . .