The inspiration

Eaux de Toilette Source Joyeuse, Inspiration.

The new unisex collection of Hayari Paris « Eaux de Toilette » was designed by Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard, with a particular emphasis on the French savoir-faire and long history.

On one hand, the idea was to set the tone for the trilogy couture by paying homage to the reputable fabrics that have been the pride of France, the toile de Jouy. These fabrics have been manufactured in the Jouy workshops in Josas near Versailles since the 18th century, and symbolize the French art and tradition.

On the other hand, each raw material, manufactured in Grasse, is carefully selected and must meet the very high quality standard of the brand.

And finally, a new bottle with its avant-garde case call to mind the beauty and the secrets of music boxes, and draw men and women into the harmonious flow of their tender effusions.
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– The Toile de Jouy, noble fabrics as all others used in couture by Hayari Paris, and used for happy story tellings.

– Premium raw materials, and evoking the peculiarities of the southern part of France and its unique and inspiring products.
A multifaceted name to symbolize the sharing and the origin of the inspiration : « Source Joyeuse » (Happy Source)

– A luminous bottle, reminder of the preceeding prestige collection, that is made with Crystal glass with the brand’s emblem « H » engraved in the back. The bottle also comes in a size that can be easily carrried around.

– A cylindrical case that opens like a music box, reflective of the atmosphere of an opera as the famous parisian one, which has been used for the advertising campaign.

Sharing our savoir-faire by giving the best of self

HAYARI Paris’ trio of women’s fragrances… unique perfumes for outstanding women

Like the women behind the inspiration – the subtle, elegant and sensual scents featured in the Hayari Paris fragrance collection draw on passion, seduction and mystery.

Encouraged by his old accomplice, Hugues Alard, who has always been in love with and evolved in the perfumery world, the tantalizing world of HAYARI has become even more fascinating with the addition of fragrances celebrating love and the delicious complexity of women.

A perfume is said to reveal one’s personality and it is quite naturally that Nabil and Hugues drew their inspiration from women to create subtle, elegant and sensual fragrances embodying the various facets of their personality: passionate, seductive and mysterious in turns.

Whether floral, woody or oriental, the scents composing Hayari’s inspired fragrances result from rare essences which have been assembled in the purest French Perfume tradition and savoir-faire. Top, middle and base notes of delicate flowers, precious woods or sweet and tangy fruits fully embody women’s irresistible charms.

Just as he turns sumptuous fabrics into flowers, Nabil Hayari has naturally turned flowers into fragrances… and fragrances into muses…

HAYARI Paris’ duo of men’s fragrances … signature scents for striking men

The couture designer has recently imagined the scents of the men whose love makes these women so beautiful, creating two fragrances, which are both manly and tender at once and magically convey HAYARI Paris’ couture values while respecting the codes of niche perfumery.

Their top, middle and base notes of delicate flowers, precious woods, leather, spices… have been assembled in the purest French Perfume tradition and savoir-faire.

THE COLLECTION … From Couture to niche Perfumery

“Nothing less than iconic fragrances… Alluring, intriguing, exquisite, timeless, HAYARI Paris’ trio of handcrafted floral women’s fragrances showcases an appealing blend of classic and contemporary sophistication” symbolizing luxury, femininity and contentment.

Odes of love, mind visions of Parisian Ultra Chic lifestyle, the women’s fragrances find their inspiration in the elegance and glamour of HAYARI Paris couture designs and, much like a collection of fine jewellery adorning a woman’ style, become ultimate accessories to an elegant feminine look.

ONLY FOR HER, Broderie and GOLDY celebrate the personality, femininity and sensuality of women. Floral, slightly oriental, composed of natural raw materials of an exceptional quality, these fragrances are long lasting, sensual, exhilarating…

Intriguing, exquisite, timeless… HAYARI Paris’ diptych of handcrafted fragrances for men has been developed in collaboration with women, who have themselves fallen under their attractive and seductive spell.

Confronting and combining wood with leather to express the two sides of one’s personality, the duo unveils two sets of emotions as both perfumes’ notes unravel and intertwine.

The fragrances’ 12-facets numbered bottles, assembled to couture standards and cradled in a unique blossoming case, express the harmony between the opulence of a jewel and the fragility of a flower and reflect the luxury and exclusivity of the scents.

Composed of natural raw materials of an exceptional quality, ONLY FOR HER, Broderie, GOLDY, ONLY FOR HIM and Le Paradis de l’Homme are long lasting, sensual, exhilarating…

HAYARI Paris’ Eaux de Parfums couture bottle

HAYARI Parfums wished to offer a day-wear version of their women’s perfumes (18% concentration) while preserving the sensual couture touch of ONLY FOR HER, Broderie and GOLDY. The idea of creating an Eaux de Parfums (15%) trio of HAYARI Paris women’s fragrances, followed by a duo of fragrances for men, came naturally.

The couture and perfumery house ceased this opportunity to redesign the bottle so that to conveyed HAYARI Paris’ couture identity even further.  The 12 facets of the bottle are even more elegant and sophisticated than before and HAYARI Paris’ seal (“H”) has been engraved on the bottle. Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard have entirely redesigned the cap: its golden colour, 12-facets and HAYARI Paris’ seal and frieze express the opulence of their exclusive fragrances.

In their pursuit of refinement and sophistication, they made acquaintances with Sylvie de France, whose expertise and taste in fragrance bottle design reflects their couture standards. The specifications were quite clear: to preserve the 12-facets overall shape of the 50ml/1.7oz perfume bottle –expressing the opulence of a jewel while illustrating the HAYARI men and women’s many traits of personality- and integrate HAYARI’ seal /stamp within the glass. Obviously, the glass’ highest standards in terms of thickness, cutting and engraving played a tremendous part in the elegance of the bottles and the refinement of HAYARI Paris’ precious fragrances.


« In order to convey HAYARI Paris couture standards, it seemed important to sublimate materials.

The quality and thickness of the glass are essential to the refinement of a perfume bottle. They must reflect the beautiful details and brightness of the facets and create that “crystal” effect… to achieve elegance and sophistication.

Engraving HAYARI Paris’ seal marks the bottle out and meets niche-perfumery high standards of luxury, defining the brand as a modern classic.

I like to think that Nabil Hayari’s work, as a couture designer, is not so different from mine. Although we obviously use different techniques, our pursuit of excellence and aesthetics through lines and materials is very similar. We both need to convey an emotion, elegance, beauty and sophistication.

I drew my inspiration from various sources and quite naturally started off by immersing myself in Nabil Hayari’s couture universe. I then gently drifted to architecture, sculpture and jewellery works of art… I know it seems quite a broad spectrum but it’s essential to the creation process.

The bottle is closely related to the fragrances, both a container and a content at once… As spells of fragrance exhale from the bottle, the latter remains, reminiscent of their smell and history, wonderful and captivating. »

HAYARI Parfums Paris’ « gatefold » opening case

Each of HAYARI Paris’ exceptional bottles of exclusive perfumes is preciously held in a « gatefold opening case » matching the white gold, pink gold or yellow gold robe of the fragrance it is filled with.

The “gatefold” opening was inspired by a blooming flower revealing a golden beauty. Like a jewel, the bottle appears as a centre piece surrounded by a white and gold colour scheme.

goldyBoth an oniric and technical prowess, HAYARI Paris’ bottle cases have captivated the attention of the jury of the CITY (Cosmetic Innovator of The Year) Awards, organized by the ICMAD last September. The  five renowned judges and experts from the beauty, design, and marketing -Ron Robinson, Maria Corbiscello, Jerome Bérard, David Lyon, and Laura Kenney, editor in chief of  have given HAYARI Paris the Members’ Choice Package Design Award for the design of its perfume cases.

The creation of a fragrance by HAYARI Parfums Paris

In order to ensure the exceptional quality for its luxury products, HAYARI Paris pays particular attention to the creation and production of its fragrances. With this in mind, the Robertet company was selected to help create and produce the various Hayari scents, in accordance with the traditional and rigorous methods which have made the reputation of the French perfume industry.

Established in Grasse, the world’s perfume capital, since 1850, Robertet has made the use of natural raw materials its hallmark. Hayari Parfums Paris’ fragrances are produced by hand, in France, and go through numerous quality controls during their making, right from distillation to the bottling stage, before being sent around the world.

While the satisfaction of his customers has always been a priority, respecting the environment is also one of Nabil Hayari’s prerogatives. Sustainable materials are put forward and HAYARI Paris favours vegetable-based ink and cardboard packaging/tester strips, in compliance with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards, thereby promoting and encouraging responsible and sustainable management of all forests

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