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« Love, a thirsty Source » Marie Noël

In pursuit of the perfect ballad, the third garden of the collection of fragrances designed by Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard offers a natural beginning around the Bigarade orange , which provide color and bitterness to the citric and fruited fragrance. A head note of acidic rhubarb is mixed with saffron and everlasting flower nectar.

The middle note of the fruit orchard, created from fig tree flowers, is designed with a hint of sweet almonds.
The emotion catalyst of that southern France scent is an invitation to the master chef’s table, who has secretly added blackcurrant flower in the base to construct a more enigmatic , and thereby provide an interpretation to a timeless sweetness in order to symbolize the experience of a fruity and gourmet Cologne.

Source Joyeuse No3, a gourmet and romantic poem.


70 ml – 2.4 fl. oz



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