Source Joyeuse n°2 ,


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“True novelty is always born out of the return to the sources” Edgar Morin

Like an invitation to an aperitif, the inclination of the second citric and anise-infused cocktail is to present a Mediterranean aromatic recipe, with a top bouquet of garden herbs, estragon , basil and star anise.

Such more masculine perception is in harmony with the feminine aspect of honeysuckle with a hint of jasmine at the very heart of the mixture.

The awakening of senses is stimulated by the ozonic freshness that originates from the harmony between the exquisite raw materials. The warm romance of the second source or aromas, which are imbued with green floral essence, originates from the mysterious ginger flower. A base of grey amber contribute to the sillage, with a musky aphrodisiac effect.

Source Joyeuse No2, an emotion with a crystalline allure.


70 ml – 2.4 fl. oz



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