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Source Joyeuse No1, a new french fresh fragrant cocktail with an aerial style


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« Beauty is a bottomless source of joy for those who know where to find it” Alexis Carrel

Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard wanted their premier fragrance to provide the feeling of a sunny scenery with a nice cooling effects. Made with a cocktail of citruses that are harvested all around the planet, from the Brazilian oranges with their slight bitter tastes to the Yuzu or the Cedrat of Japan, with the precise goal of achieving a acidic sparkling medley.

As the famous “Mojito cocktail, the energetic head notes are amplified by the sweet side of the maroco mint “Menthe Nanah” in the heart of the fragrance.

The feeling of coolness, almost beachy, is further amplified by the sublime morning effect of the cucumber flower. The woody an refined power of the cedar tree, another reminder of the other fragrances of the house, is an integral part of this solar travel and further enhances the musky base notes.

Source Joyeuse No1, a new fragrant cocktail with an aerial style.



70 ml – 2,4 fl.oz



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